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Do you like to watch ads on YouTube? If not, then we have brought for you YouTube Vanced APK Download where you can watch YouTube videos. Also, ads do not come on YouTube Vanced. So, In this article, we will tell you about YouTube Vanced.

What is YouTube Vanced? Youtube Vanced APK Download

YouTube Vanced app for android is the modified version of the YouTube app that gives you access to YouTube Premium features for free including:

  • No Ads
  • Background Playback
  • Download videos and play them offline
  • You don’t need to root your device

If you don’t have YouTube Premium Membership, you have to suffer the YouTube ads. The most horrible thing is that few advertisements were shown in a short video. Also, it does not support background playback, or downloading videos offline use. Of course, YouTube Vanced (Youtube Vanced APK Download) can solve these problems.

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The most interesting part of YouTube Vanced is that it lets you listen to your videos in the background, even when you turn off your smartphone’s screen. That way, you can easily listen to music and even use YouTube to listen to podcasts at any moment.

One of the best things about YouTube Vanced (Youtube Vanced APK Download) is that its interface is very similar to the official YouTube app. This makes it a breeze to simply search for your favorite videos and then download them easily. 

Learn more about YouTube Vanced (YouTube Vanced APK Download) 


List all the exclusive features of the YouTube Vanced app.

Main features

  • Block all video ads and allows you to play videos in the background or Picture in Picture (only on Android 8.0 or up).
  • Control brightness or volume with Swipe control like the other video players such as MX Player (with configurable padding).
  • Now, auto-repeat features allow you to enjoy videos like TikTok/Vines or simply continue playing a song on a loop.
  • Features the option of an AMOLED black theme to reduce eye and battery strain.
  • Not much interest in the new comments section or mini player? Simply toggle them to the tablet version which is similar to the old version (slightly buggy though).

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Sponsor Block 

  • New feature to skip annoying sponsor advertisements  (where a YouTuber puts a service or product in the middle of the video).

  • Highlights the segment in the specific colors based on their category in the seek/timeline.

  • Also features the ability to submit your own segments to the API and contribute to the community.

  • Complete control over whether to automatically skip a sponsored segment or show a button for the skip, or just not skip it at all.

  • It also allows you to skip other unwatched things like intros, outros, and reminders to like and subscribe.


  • You can change the default playback speed between 0.25x to 2x (assuming your device is good enough).
  • Allows overriding Codec options like forcing H.264 VP9 for old devices.
  • If you need a cinematic experience, it allows you to force turn off 60fps or HDR playback. 
  • Allows you to set the default video resolution as high or low if you want to, and also overrides screen resolution for the sharp 4K playback on any device.

  • Ability to toggle home ads, merchandise ads, community posts, movie upselling, UI ads, movie shelf removal, compact banners, remove contents, and much more.

How to Install YouTube Vanced?

To install the YouTube Vanced app, you first need to install microG on your device. Since Google does not allow you to sign in to your account from YouTube Vanced. MicroG is a service that allows you to log in to your Google account from YouTube Vanced.

The developers have made things easy for you. Now, you can install both microG and YouTube Vanced (Youtube Vanced APK Download) from a single app-Vanced manager. All you need to do is download the Vanced manager APK file and install it and follow the on-screen instructions.  

Download Vanced Manager APK

How to install YouTube Vanced APK on Android?

  • Download Vanced manager APK.
  • Install it. If it is your first time installing an APK, you must allow installation from unknown sources in the 
  • For Android 8.0 and above: If you are using a newer version of Android, tap on the APK file you just downloaded and you will see the following window (you may see the name of the browser you use in place of brave).

  • Tap on the setting and turn on allow from this source.
  • Now go back to the installation screen and finish installing Vanced Manager.
  • open the Vanced Manager app and you will see two options to install one for  YouTube Vanced and one for microG.


  • You have to install microG first. After microG is downloaded if you are using Android 8.0 or newer, you have to again allow installation from this source for Vanced Manager.


  • If you see the reinstall option in microG, this means microG has finished installing and you can proceed to install the YouTube Vanced app. You will be asked for confirmation to install YouTube Vanced (Youtube Vanced APK Download) after the download is completed.


  • You will be asked to choose a language and theme. Choose the ones you prefer and you will see a success window as in the screenshot below after YouTube Vanced is successfully installed. 


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YouTube Vanced (YouTube Vanced APK Download) is no doubt a very useful mod, and we are glad to see the community enriching its features from time to time. It (YouTube Vanced APK Download) is fairly simple to use and you can have access to a multitude of exciting functionality in your YouTube viewing experience. 

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