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After months of testing its TikTok competitor in India and a limited beta rollout in the states, YouTube is finally launching YouTube Shorts App for everyone in the U.S.

So you might be asking yourself – what is the YouTube Shorts App in the first place? And how do I use it? It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and it offers yet another way for you to connect with your favorite creators.

You have always been a place to be entertained – from your favorite dance trends, like Evolution of Dance, Roller Skates Dance, or the Jerusalem Challenge – to highly replayable short videos, like Charlie Bit My Finger, Good morning yall, or even lockdown trick shots. Over the years, YouTube has enabled an entire generation of creators who have shared their voices and found an audience of more than two billion people.

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What is YouTube?

YouTube is one of the finest online video-sharing and social media platforms. YouTube is being the second most visited website, with over one billion monthly users, it allows you to enjoy the videos and music you love. You can even upload original content and shared it with friends, family, and the world.

Interestingly, YouTube has now introduced a new feature called YouTube Shorts for its users. YouTube Shorts are basically user-generated Shorts, catchy videos.

What is YouTube Short App?

YouTube Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones. YouTube Shorts App is basically the platform’s attempt to take on TikTok, the hugely popular short-form video app.

However, unlike TikTok, YouTube Shorts App is not a standalone service. You won’t find a YouTube Shorts App in the App Store or Google Play. YouTube Shorts instead lives within the service’s man mobile app.

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To use it, just open up the YouTube app you already have on your smartphone. Scroll down slightly, and you’ll see a “Shorts” section. You’ll also notice that a “Shorts” button has replaced the “Explore” tab at the bottom of the screen. The “Explore” has moved up to the list of options at the top of the app’s screen.

shorts-and-explore YouTube Shorts App


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How to watch YouTube Shorts?

Once you have found the YouTube Shorts section on the app’s homepage, you’ll see a selection of thumbnails of the popular Shorts. Click on any of those videos brings you into the vertical video player to watch the clip. You can like or dislike the video while it’s playing by tapping the thumbs up or thumbs down icon.


You can also share the Short or comment on it from within the player, although that will pause the video. At the bottom of the clip, you can also subscribe to the channel. You can also click on their channel name to see all of that creator’s YouTube Shorts.


If the clip uses a song or sound from another creator, a waveform button will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Tapping that button will show the source video for the audio and all the other Shorts that use that song or sound their clip.

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Requirements to make YouTube Shorts

  • YouTube Shorts can be up to 60 seconds in length. A 60-second YouTube Shorts can be several 15 seconds videos combined or one continuous video.
  • The video must be shot in a vertical orientation.
  • The video can use audio from YouTube’s library or other videos but only for up to 15 seconds.

How to make YouTube Shorts?

  • If you don’t already have the YouTube Shorts App on your device, download it for your Android or iPhone and sign in.

Download YouTube Shorts App

  • Tap the Create button, which is the plus symbol in the bottom center.


  • In the pop-up tap Create a Short, which has a camera icon next to it.


  • If it is your first time using this option, your device will ask for permission to allow YouTube to use the camera and microphone.
  • once approved, you land in the YouTube Shorts recording app.
  • YouTube Short’s recording length defaults to 15 seconds. By tapping on the number “15” above the record app, you can it to 60 seconds.


  • tap the Speed icon of a speedometer on the right to speed up or slow down the recording.


  • You can also set a time for the camera to start without you by pushing Timer, just below Speed.
  • Finally, Filters allow you to apply various visual filters to your recording.
  • Once ready, hit the Record button. Tapping will again stop the recording.
  • When you are done recording, tap the checkmark at the bottom right to preview your video and add music, text, and filters.

set text and filters

  • Finally, add a title and adjust sharing settings. Add the #shorts hashtag to the title to ensure it can be seen or promoted with YouTuber’s other Shorts videos.

upload-video YouTube Shorts App

  • Tap Upload and it will be added to your YouTube.

Facts of YouTube Shorts App

Creators might notice that many of those who were creating Shorts videos during the Beta period tagged their clips with the “#shorts.” YouTubers did this to make sure that their short-form video was discovered under the short section of the platform.

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YouTube will automatically detect any video content that’s 60 seconds or less and include its undershorts. Creators with monetized channels should also be aware that at the time this piece was published, YouTube Shorts videos were currently not monetizable.


Friends, in today’s article, we have given you complete information about YouTube Shorts App. We told you what is YouTube Shorts App? is and How to watch YouTube Shorts videos? Also, we told you how you can make Shorts videos on Youtube Shorts App.

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