How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile? Simple Method


Whatsapp has always been the user’s favorite when it comes to instant messages. Whatsapp is very different than what it was continuously some time back. Ever since Facebook bought Whatsapp, we have seen a lot of new changes in Whatsapp. Whatsapp has now launched a new feature that lets you hide your last seen messages. The users who use Whatsapp always have a mind. Is there any way by which we can find out who viewed my Whatsapp profile?

If you are curious to know who viewed my Whatsapp profile and who viewed your photo or your Whatsapp status personally who is regularly opening your Whatsapp profile, Then this article is for you.

Does Whatsapp have no option to track who viewed my Whatsapp profile? Simple Method. Some Whatsapp profile viewer applications are in the market and claim.

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Can I See Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile?

Sorrowfully, I can’t see who has viewed your Whatsapp profile. It has no features that let us who viewed our profile. But I can control Who sees my Whatsapp profile. I can also control who viewed my last seen, profile photo, information, and Whatsapp status.

I can up my profile photo, last seen, information, and Whatsapp status to:

  • Nobody
  • Everyone
  • My contacts

First of all, I go to the More option> setting> Accounts> Privacy. Here I’ll be able to change my Whatsapp viewing setting as I wish.

click-on-three-dots Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile




  Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile

If you are worried that someone are tranking your profile, you can use these settings to stop tracking that person. In these settings you set to none, and my contacts. Let’s hope you don’t have any tracker in your contact.

There are many ways to know if someone is following you on Whatsapp. You must know that Whatsapp has the same status features as Instagram and Facebook. Friends, if you do not know who has seen and who has not seen your Whatsapp status, then this article is for you. Because in this article we are going to tell who is going to see the Whatsapp status and who is not.

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How To Know Who Viewed My Profile?

Is there any stalking app available in the app market? Yes, there are many such applications on Google Play, iOS Store, and third-party app stores that claim that we can provide you with complete information about who viewed your Whatsapp profile. But all these Whatsapp profile tracker applications are fake. With all these applications you can’t see who has viewed your Whatsapp profile.

When we did the reality check test of these applications then all these applications failed this test. All these applications can’t check who has viewed your Whatsapp profile.

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Are you still not able to understand and some questions are coming to your mind like that-

  • How do know who viewed your Whatsapp Profile?
  • Who can see your Whatsapp profile?
  • Who checked your Whatsapp profile?

You can never get the right answer. Because it is not possible to collect information about the person who viewed your Whatsapp profile. Whatsapp can never compromise on the data and privacy of its users.

 Who Viewed My Whatsapp Status?

Friends, now you can see who viewed my Whatsapp status. Did you know that you can update your Whatsapp status for the next 24 hours? You can upload a photo, reel video, and any type of file on your status. After uploading the status you will also get the notification of the view of your Whatsapp status. Yes, it’s very easy to set who sees my Whatsapp status and who doesn’t.

Is it possible to see who viewed my Whatsapp status? The easy one-word answer is Yes. Follow these steps carefully.

  • First of all, open your Whatsapp
  • Click on the Status option
  • Now, click on my status> A list of all your friend’s statuses will be shown
  • Click on the eye option to see> A list of your friends will populate

Checklist to see who viewed my status.

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Who Viewed My Whatsapp DP?

Friends, I am very sorry to say that there is no way to know who viewed your Whatsapp DP. As we told you earlier that Whatsapp has not launched any such features so that you can know who viewed your Whatsapp DP. We don’t have any information about this until Whatsapp launches a feature that lets us see who viewed our Whatsapp DP.


I hope, you got all information related to Whatsapp. We’ll tell you who viewed your Whatsapp profile, Who viewed your Whatsapp status, and Who viewed your Whatsapp DP. Till now all of us have only the details of the people who viewed the Whatsapp status.

So friends, how did you like this article of ours, do tell us about it. To get more information related to Whatsapp, you can visit our website. We have written more topics related to Whatsapp for you.

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