Who Touched my Phone? Who Tried to Unlock Android App

Who Touched my Phone

Who Touched my Phone?

The application will record the individuals who will utilize your telephone utilizing the front camera in sight mode, undetectably for the client. You will see who, when and what did to your preferred gadget while it isn’t under your consideration. Who Touched my Phone?

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How can it work?

1) Open the application and snap the catch. At that point close the application and lock your gadget;

2) User opened the gadget or attempted to do it. The application begins recording a report (photograph, rundown of propelled applications);

3) Device screen goes out. Application spares report. Etc;

4) User attempts to open the gadget a few times. Application spares report;

5) Browse your reports in the application. Set up sync with the cloud.

Who Touched my Phone, This application utilizes the Device Administrator’s consent. The application needs gadget head rights to pay special mind to inaccurate open endeavors. Android possibly recognizes a secret word or example as mistaken in the event that it has at any rate 4 digits/characters or example specks.

Gadget Administrator should be deactivated before application uninstall.

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