How to Transfer Files From Android to PC (with WiFi)

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Hello guys,  Welcome back to another article on our website. Hope you are safe and doing well at your home. Sharing files between laptop and mobile is so important. So on your demand, today we are back with another interesting topic which is Transfer Files From Android to PC by WiFi. Sound great! Yes, it is possible to share your file from laptop to mobile or from mobile to laptop without using any type of Data Cable. You just need an Android Application on your phone and you can start sharing files between your laptop and mobile. With some simple steps, you can do this. Are you ready? I hope so you will be. Without wasting any further time let’s get started.

What is File-Sharing?

File-Sharing is the process of transferring data(Photos, Videos, APK, Software, and so on) from one device to another device. Everyone has a mobile phone and laptop as well. Especially when I talk about professional people or workers. Files transfer is a basic need of everyone’s life. There are many ways through which you can transfer files from laptop to mobile or mobile to laptop. For example, you can use the traditional USB method, Bluetooth, or apps like Xender and Airdrop. But, you will be wondered to know that you can also transfer files from your Android phone to Personal Computer or Personal Computer to Mobile Phone using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

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What is Wifi-FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is a network protocol for transferring files from one device to another device with the help of Wifi. These two locations in FTP may be referred to as a Client and Server. The Client requests the files from a Server.

There is software on Android Play Store. Its name is Wifi-FTP and has low in size(approximately 3MB). You can easily download this for this just you have to search Wifi FTP on the Play Store.

Download Here: WiFi-FTP


  • Make sure your laptop and mobile should be connected to the same wifi network.
  • You can also connect your laptop or PC with the Hotspot of mobile.

How to Share files between Laptop and Mobile

There are some steps that you should follow to share your files from laptop to mobile or mobile to laptop in no time. So read carefully to do so what we are telling you.

  • Download Wifi-FTP on your Android Phone that is less than 3MB in size. You can download this application after clicking Here!
  • After installing the application on your phone. Open it.
  • Make sure your laptop or PC is connected to a Mobile hotspot. (Don’t worry it will not consume your internet data)
  • After opening the application click on the START button.

transfer files from android to pc wifi

  • Once the server has started you see a server URL on your phone. Copy it or write down this URL.

Mobile to PC File Transfer Software Free Download

  • Go to your Windows PC/Laptop and open File Explorer or My Computer.
  • Right-click on This PC and click on “add network location”



  • Choose a custom network location and then click on Next.

file transfer apps

  • In this step, you have to paste/type the FTP Server URL (it will look like this that you have copied from the WiFi-FTP Android Application. Click on next.

file transfer android

  • Make sure to check out Log on Anonymously. Click on next.
  • Now you have to type your device name. You may choose whatever you want according to your convenience. Click to Next.
  •  Wow! you made it. You successfully completed all the steps.
  • Now you can explore your phone from the laptop and transfer files from phone to laptop or laptop to phone.
  • Keep in mind this is a one-time process and you don’t need to do it again and again. If you don’t want to send it click on the Stop button on the Wifi-FTP application.
  • If you want to again send the files then simply click on the Start button and transfer the files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I  install any software on my PC/Laptop?

No, you don’t need to install any type of software on your laptop. You just need to install Wifi-FTP software on your Android device.

Is this a one-time process?

Yes, this process is one-time. You don’t need to do it again and again on your PC/Laptop.


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