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Top 3 Superb App

1. Modern Launcher

Top 3 Superb App Present day 2020 Launcher easy to use, a la mode, and better deals. It adopted the home screen of your phone in electric circuit style which gives your android phone a cutting-edge launcher or virtual subject. Another spotless and seamless UI design provides a clear and more intuitive understanding of the control to the client. It gives ever brilliant and useful highlights and shading subjects that update your phone with different styles.

Top 3 Superb App

Exquisite look:

It’s the sharpest launcher as it gives the customers delightful flexible shading subjects, we’ve built topics for you with loads of adoration and excitement so that customers can give their phones fresh, clean, cutting-edge UI and virtual look every day.

Extraordinarily faster and smarter:

Every day Launcher 2020 gives customers incredibly fast and clever to take care of cutting-edge and seamless UI participation.


by going a long way you can customize icons, and you can change the template you like most.

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2. Liquid Rainbow Live Wallpaper

For a full telephone makeover, Liquid Rainbow Live Wallpaper and Animated Keyboard consolidate sparkling designs with wonderful vividness. Worth the incredible drawings and the cool game. It’s FREE, and the introduction is quick. Hold new topics.

Magnificent apps

1. HD interesting topics for your console and telephone foundation

2. Personalized console and background topics

3. We don’t track or store your writing movement

4. Battery life improved

Download Liquid Rainbow Live Wallpaper and Animated Keyboard

1. Open the Application

2. Click the “Apply Keyboard” button to enable the console subject. You will be redirected to the main topic and the subject will be applied.

3. If you do not have Wave Keyboard, our application will redirect and handle you through the process of establishment.

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3. Shake Music Player

The best player of music and of sound

Allows you to shake your phone to change the music track.

Perfect for consumers not having to open the phone to physically move tracks.

You can change the shading of the foundation image and gadget as you need.

Set the clock on that application and after the time runs out it will disable the song.

If you need an accidental shake to abstain from playing the next melody, you can set the shake administration to work just when the screen is on and you can also monitor the shake’s affectability.

Main Attributes:

Supports all mainstream document designs for music.

Play the music from sets, artisans, songs, and playlists.

Shake the phone to change the playing music: give your phone a shake to play the next melody* Change the shading of the foundation picture and gadget as needed.

Set the clock to this program and the music will be silenced after the time has run out.

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