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Top 3 Apps

Top 3 Most Useful Apps

1. Microsoft Math Solver:

Microsoft’s Math Solver application assists with an assortment of issues like number-crunching, geometry, trigonometry, analytics, insights, and different themes utilizing a propelled math solver controlled by AI. Basically, compose a math issue on the PC or take a math picture utilizing the telephone. Microsoft Math problem solver identifies the problem immediately and helps you solve it with step-by-step clarification, interactive diagrams, related web problems, and online video lectures. Look up similar definitions in mathematics easily. Get help with your homework issues and gain confidence to use Microsoft Math to learn the techniques. It is totally FREE.

Microsoft Math Solver


  • Primary: arithmetic, real, complex numbers, LCM, GCD, roman numerals, factors.
  • Pre-Algebra: exponents and radicals, fractions, matrices, determinants.
  • Algebra: quadratic equations, equation form, ratios, rational functions, linear graphs, quadratic and exponential.
  • Word issues on math ideas, number hypothesis, likelihood, volume, and surface territory.
  • Fundamental Calculus: Summations, Limits, subordinates, integrals.
  • Insights: Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, stages, mixes.


  • Write a computer math equation, as you do on paper naturally.
  • Check a typed or handwritten photograph of math.
  • Select and edit using an advanced math calculator.
  • Get step-by-step, interactive explanations & graphs.
  • Download pictures from the gallery of math equations.
  • Search and solve multi-problem math worksheets.
  • Find similar problems and video lectures on the internet.
  • Try math problems with the title.
  • Check x-y data tables and plot for linear / non-linear functions.
  • Learn math in your language-Support Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and more.

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2. Touch Controls

Contact Controls for YouTube gives VLC-style signal-based brilliance and volume controls for YouTube when playing recordings in full-screen mode.
You can increment or reduce the volume by swiping your finger up or down on the correct side of the screen. Swiping the finger on the left alters the screen’s splendor.

Support is given only for the official YouTube and YouTube Go applications.

Touch Controls

Go to Premium to allow:

  • Press action
  • Double press action
  • Long press action
  • Volume control action
  • Check help
  • Tap anywhere to cancel the autoplay
  • Double tap anywhere to confirm autoplay

In the event that the overlays don’t work please take a stab at restarting the gadget. This application utilizes Accessibility administrations. Exposure to the utilization of availability administrations:

• The openness administration is utilized to recognize when the YouTube/YouTube Go application is playing recordings in fullscreen. This will initiate the straightforward touch overlays to control gadget brilliance and volume (consents ‘Applications that can show up on top’ and ‘Applications that can change framework settings).

• The openness administration is utilized to play out a touch signal so as to make the player controls obvious (‘Perform motions’).

• The availability administration is utilized to used to tune in to keystrokes to help the equipment console control usefulness, for example squeezing the Space key to play/stop the video (‘Observe content you type’).

Most Useful Apps, The availability administration is restricted to the YouTube/YouTube Go application. It won’t get occasions from some other application.

• The application doesn’t acquire or gather any close-to-home data identified with your YouTube action.

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3. Pocket Mode: Prevent accidental clicks

Pocket Mode is an Android application that bolts your telephone when you float the nearness sensor.

I have built up this application since stock Android does not have this element and my telephone consistently changes something or handicaps significant things while laying inside the pocket. Truly, this must be halted.

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Pocket Mode

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Top 3 Most Useful Apps | Newest Apps | Don’t Miss


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