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SideBar APK

SideBar APK

SideBar APK updates your gadget style and makes access to your settings, contacts, and switches easier. Sidebar is an application that allows you to set up a useful sidebar drop-down on your Android phone. By default, the sidebar will appear on the left half of the screen, but you can also place it on one side if you like (which is slowly friendly if you’re left).

SideBar APK Mirror

Furthermore, Sidebar APP lets you adjust the size of the region where the drop-down portion of the bar will be used, just like its thickness. Clearly, you can redo it when you have the plate. Include all the software you need, turn on or off the WiFi or switch on or off the Bluetooth. (Circle Sidebar APK)

Sidebar APP ( Status bar APP Download) is an extremely simple and light application that allows you to change your Android cell phone any way you want. For certain cell phones, the sidebar may not be useful, but it may be inconceivably important with tablets or larger cell phones.

Highlights of Sidebar APP

  • Add the most sought-after contacts, phones.
  • Easy access to 10 interruptions.
  • The point-by-point call summary of the specific touch can be seen.
  • Improves the UI (Notification Bar APK).

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