Shortcutter APK for Android | Quick Settings, Shortcuts & Widgets

Shortcutter APK

Shortcutter APK

Shortcutter APK is a complete Android Quick Settings, Shortcut Provider, and Quick Access Toolbox giving you second access to Apps, Contacts, Web Sites, Settings, Actions, Activities, Shortcuts, and Services in a second. It’s less difficult than it looks and it’s allowed to use, with extra highlights for not exactly the expense of some espresso, it’s additionally under the consistent turn of events.

Access 100’s to easy routes from your home screen launcher, the framework brisk settings pull-down, the Shortcutter consistently on top Side Bar/Launcher, or by means of Shortcutters Widgets. If you don’t mind focus on the aides and get in touch with me in the event that you need assistance.

Click here to Download Shortcutter APK

Download Shortcutter APK

Shortcutter Side Bar/Side Launcher:

– A Floating Toolbox or Swipe outside Bar that is consistently on top and available

– Can be situated at the right, left, or base of your screen.

– Over 100 alternate ways are accessible, including up to 40 Custom tiles giving you direct access to Apps, Activities, System Shortcuts, Direct Calls, Direct Dial, and Web Links!

– Create your own topic, format, and plan.

Framework Quick Settings Pull Down Tiles:

Instructions to include them:

* A wealth of extra Quick Settings tiles and administrations accessible for the standard user*

* Additional tiles for Advanced clients with Settings Secure access.

* Additional root tiles are likewise accessible for the force clients out there.

Uncovered Launcher Shortcuts (small-scale apps):

– Shortcutter Exposed Launcher Shortcuts permits you to flip settings and administrations from your application cabinet, home screen, HTC Edge Sense, Tasker, and more!

Various tiles and administrations require raised authorizations:

* Admin – Screen Lock.

* Accessibility – Secure Activity Detection, Power Menu, Recent Apps and Split Screen, Secure Power Menu, and distinguishing volume key presses for Volume Panel.

A portion of the Shortcuts/Tiles/Toggles accessible:

– Auto Sync

– App Drawer/Folder

– Bluetooth

– Battery Percentage

– Brightness Preset

– Screen Cast

– Launch Camera

– Clipboard Editor

– Clicker/Counter

– Countdown Timer

– Dice

– Data Usage

– Data Speed

– Expand Quick Settings

– Expand Notifications

– Flashlight

– Floating Calculator

– File Browser

– Font Scale

– Keyboard/IME Selector

– Location Mode: Off, Device Only, Battery Saving and High Accuracy*

– In-Ear Audio

– Notification Log

– Mobile Data (Nondirect)

– Multi Window

– Mute Media

– My Location

– My Play Apps

– New Tweet

– New Email

– Next Alarm

– Night Light/Desk Clock

– NFC*

– Power Menu

– Play/Pause Music

– Power Saver*

– Quick SMS

– Quick Reminder

– Recent Apps, Back and Home catches.

– RAM Usage

– Rounded Corners

– Ring Mode

– Screen Wake AKA Caffeine

– Screen Record

– Custom video profileçs

– Screenshot – High Res

– Custom spare area for screen captures and accounts.

– Notifications with View, Share and Delete activities

– Screen Timeout

– Screen Brightness Mode

– Speaker Audio

– Screen Filter AKA Night Mode

– Screen Lock – *Requires Device Admin*

– Screen Orientation

– Stopwatch

– Tethering and HotSpot

– Touch Vibration

– Custom Pie style volume Panel

– Unknown Sources

– Web Search

– WiFi

– WiFi Hotspot

– Assistant


– Weather

– SystemUI Tuner

Download Shortcutter APK

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