Shake APK for Android | Shake your Phone to Run any Application


Shake APK for Android

With this application, you no longer need to turn on the screen and search for the camera application exactly when you truly need it. This application permits you to shake your telephone so as to trigger different activities! Regardless of whether your screen is off, you can in any case shake it, and it’ll work (Shake APK for Android).

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The potential activities are:

• Run any application like Gmail, Facebook, or Whatsapp, and the sky is the limit from there.

• Turn the electric lamp on/off.

• Control music player: skip track, start the player, and so on.

Shake APK for Android Call a contact

• Show late utilized applications.

• Change ringer mode – ring/vibrate/quiet.

• Expand the status bar.

• Turn the screen on.

• Turn 3G on/off.

• Turn Wifi on/off.

• Turn auto pivot on/off.

• Turn auto splendor on/off.

• Turn the speaker on/off (during a call).

• Turn flight mode on/off.

• Turn Bluetooth on/off.

• Turn GPS on/off.

You can shake your telephone on a level plane or vertically, each can be set to trigger an alternate activity.


• Control the shake sensor affectability level.

• The shake can work in any event, when the screen is off.

• You can decide to begin the application’s administration at a telephone startup.

• Choose your preferred shake mode: straightforward, advanced, or master

• Available vibration criticism for the shake.

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