How to Restart My Phone Without Power Button

how to restart phone without power button and volume button,

Hello people! How do you do? Hope you all are good and enjoying your day. Today we will discuss a common problem of smartphones that is non-functional or broken power button means if the power button is not working. The question is here how do Restart My Phone Without Power Button? Here we can understand your problem and anxiety about the broken power button of your phone. So you don’t need to worry about this because we have a perfect solution to your problem. Just read the whole article from start to end and get the problem resolved. Now let us see how to reboot the android phone without the power button.

Method to Restart My Phone Without Power Button

Guys, please don’t worry because now your non-functional or broken power button does not interfere to restart your smartphone. Because we have many techniques and ideas that can resolve your problem in very few minutes. Below we are going to describe many methods one by one you can choose the best method for you. Now let’s see how this sounds.

By using recovery mode

This is also an effective method but this method will work only for Android Smartphone users. To enter the recovery mode of Android on your phone just press the home + volume up/down button. By pressing these keys if you are unable to enter into recovery mode then Just connect your smartphone with the PC USB cable and press the Volume up and down button Simultaneously. Once you enter the recovery mode or boot menu of your Android smartphone, just navigate to the ‘reboot the system now’ tab From the given tabs With the help of volume buttons. By doing so, your phone will wake up and restart. This method will work sure for you but if want to know more about how to restart your Phone Without Power Button, you can also read another method given in the article.

By Plugging your phone into a USB for Restart My Phone Without Power Button

This is another good method how to restart the phone without a power button. Many times we just forget to see the battery status of our phone and after the battery drains the phone has switched off. So to restart the phone just plug your USB data charger into your phone port and wait for some time to charge the battery. Slowly slowly the battery will charge. Your phone will show the status of your charging phone. Now the phone will wake up from sleep and thus restart.

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Scheduled for power ON and OFF

This is a great method how to restart the phone without a power button and volume button. You can set the time of switch off and switch on your phone. By using this feature your phone will automatically be switched off and switched on at the time which you set in the settings. Go to your android phone setting and search for scheduled power on/off. When you find this setting just turn on it. Set a time for the phone to restart. Now, guys, I think that this is the easiest way how to restart the phone without a power button and volume button.

By using third-parties applications

There are many third-party applications available on the Google Play Store or the internet, which allow your phone to restart by just giving a touch on the screen. The problem to restart my Phone Without Power Button Will be easily resolved by using these third-party applications. According to the user reviews, you can download the Power menu and shutdown applications.

  • Just open your Google Play Store and search for the power menu application. You can Directly reach the Google Play Store for this application by clicking here.

  • There is also another app named Shutdown. This application also allows you to restart your phone. You can download this from Google Play Store. You can directly go through it by clicking on this link.

  • Give the accessibility permission for these apps to work on your smartphone. These apps are very useful to restart my phone without a power button.
  • Now open these apps. You will find here the options to restart or shut down the phone you can choose either any one of them. But if your power button has been broken, then don’t click on the shutdown button because if you press this button, your phone will shut down and never open automatically. So Keep in mind that you have to press the restart button always.

Restart My Phone Without Power Button

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ADB method to Restart My Phone Without Power Button

 This way of restating the phone is exclusively for Android users. This method work with your android developer mode. please enable the USB debugging to restart the phone without the power button android.

  • Now connect your Android phone to the PC via a USB cable. USB debugging is connected, and a notification will be shown on the top of the notification panel on the phone.
  • Download Android debug bridge (ADB) on your computer. Now install and run this program. Type Y on all the questions asked by the ADB and then press enter. Click the install warning showing on the PC
  • Locate the program directory as C:\adb.
  • Now click on the file and open the windows Power shell.
  • Type ADB devices and press the enter key. Now it will show the EMEI serial number of the phone.
  • Now type the ADB reboot and press enter key. It will soon restart your phone.
  • Wait for the wait to be restarted and after you can unplug the USB debugging and close the window power shell.

power button is not working

how to reboot android phone without power button

Final words for today

After reading the whole article ‘Restart My Phone Without Power Button’, you will solve your problem yourself i.e. your phone’s power button is not working. You can apply the same method for how restart one plus 3 without a power button problem. If one method is not working for you then try another method. Because we described the most successful methods here to restart the phone. But as a friend, we advised you to repair your power button by going to the manufacturer’s shop or any mobile repair center. Because these methods are not permanent.
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