QuickShortcutMaker 6.0 APK Download for Android (Marshmallow)


QuickShortcutMaker 6.0 APK

QuickShortcutMaker has the potential to make a shortcut to any application which is available on the android phone. This is the main work of this application. This application knows about your all application that exists on your phone. Other features are available on this application which I will talk about further in this article. Here we will know about the QuickShortcutMaker 6.0 APK version.

In other words, we can say that this application creates a shortcut to an application that is present on your android device. You can select them smoothly. And you can convert it into a shortcut. That’s why it is known as QuickShortMaker. So the developer put its name QuickShorcutMaker. The best part of this application you can use apps from here directly.

Download QuickShortcutMaker 6.0 APK

Information About This Application 

At this time when I am writing this article, this quick short maker APK has 4.3 ratings. Which is so good for any application. That means people love this application. Because it’s working so properly as people want. In every criterion, I think it is fit all the requirements of the user and they are happy with it. More than 86K people have been rating it. And they also discuss their problem with the developer and some solutions and help. That is a great deal with everyone. More people give the rating of 5. 

Its application size is too short. That is 2MB only. It saves the memory of the user and the user can have multiple APKs for the next. This application has more than 10 Million installed. This application has the current version 2.4.0 and requires Android Version 1.6 and up of this. It may be problematic in the android latest version but think it’s working well on my phone. You can also contact the developer if you faced any issues with Gmail at sika524@gmail.com.

The good thing about this application, it does not take much permission and access from your android mobile device. It just accesses only 

  • Full Network Access
  • Install Shortcuts

The developer of this application or we can say it is offered by sika524. Here we get the application QuickShortcutMaker which will work on android 6. We have also provided you with the QuickShortcutMaker  6.0 APK download above in the link.

Download QuickShortcutMaker 6.0 APK

Main Tabs On APK

  1. Activities
  2. Application
  3. Favorites 
  4. History

Best Features Of This Application

There are so many features in this application we can see on this APK. We can use them and apply them. In this paragraph, we will know about the best features of this Quick Shortcut Maker Mod APK below-

  1. As we can see search feature is on the home of this APK.
  2. We can directly launch any application from here. That means whenever we use this app we can see here many app which is already installed on our smartphone. When we will click on it then there are some options like try, app info,  share app info, and view on google play store. To launch them click on the Try option.launch-APK-quickshortcutMaker
  3. The main work of this application we have already told you about above. With this application, we can create some shortcuts for installs of any apk.
  4. All application is available on one platform. That is great for easy use. 


In this application, there are some setting features to change something in APK. We can manage the APK language, sort results, show icons, max history count, clear history, and clear cache. As well as we can see version information from here. Here we can sort lists by their names. We can disable it by changing the setting. Icons show on the activity list. In this maximum, 10000 numbers can only be set. Also, you can see the version information of this application which is show all about this apk. 


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