Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link v0.23.0 for Android

Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link

Hey Guys! how are you? I think you all are guys happy and enjoying your day very well. In today’s article, we will tell you about the PUBG lite game, Its updates, features, and much more information. Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link is given at the end of the particle. All are you people who are currently reading the article, are very well familiar with the PUBG game. this is one of the most famous and played games in the mobile world. So guys without wasting your precious time let us start our today’s article – Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link.

What are PUBG Game and PUBG Lite

PUBG means PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and is the most famous game today. This game is developed by Tencent and launched in 2017, and this game is available for both platforms in android as well as ios. This is a game that became so famous because it has the highest download score on the play store and app store of iPhone. If we talk about the gameplay so it is very clear that this game is based on the battle fight on the ground by creating teams and groups. PubG is the full version of this game while PUBG Lite is a small or reduced version of the original game. Pubg lite was introduced in 2019. Today’s article is written for giving you some valuable information about Pubg games updates. So we are continuing our article Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link.

Main Differences in PUBG and PUBG Lite

Size  2 GB  Approx 714 Mb
Launching year  2017  2019
Support Device  High Ram phones  Work in low Ram also
Maps  Erangel, miramar, sanhok & vikandi Erangel & redwood map

Now we can clearly cut understand by seeing the upper table how much basically PUBG and PUBG lite are different from each other. There is a big difference in Size also, which means the full version game is PUBG – 2 Gb approx, whereas the Lite version is about only 714MB. Player mode also creates a big comparison because in PUBG you can play with 100 players but Lite version you can only play with 60 players maximum in a team.

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By continuing our article – Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link, Now next we talk about maps in games. The full version of PUBG has 4type of maps but in the Lite version, there are only two maps- Erangel & redwood maps. The PUBG game has three modes – Classic, Arcade, and Evo ground whereas in PUBG Lite, you will get here also three modes – BattleRoyal, Classic, and Arcade. These modes can be changed at any time. We successfully define you major dissimilarities between PUBG and PUBG Lite, Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link.

Game Name PUBG Lite
First launched 2019
Updated version v0.23.0
Size Approx 714
Operating System Android above 4.0
Official website Click Here

What are the new updates in PUBG lite?

Mostly the gameplay is the same but some extra features of displaying are updated. As designing of the game, screenplay color, dresses, gun skin, workshop section, etc. The Bug & Glitches are fixed clearly and performance is boosted. The super and New Starting Screen as Kroften is added. At the end of the section or article, you can easily access the Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link.
The new update 0.22 has addon super powerful new gun skins and designs to the gameplay as Drop bass for the Scar-L, The Concerto of Love for the M762, The Eventide of Aria for Groza, The Moonlit Grace for the Kar98K, The lovely and Romantic Moments for UZI, The Icicle for Mini14, The Winter Queen for the M249 and the last but not least is the Jack-o’-lantern for AKM.

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Pubg Mobile Lite New Update link 2021

Expected features of PUBG lite in the next update

  • You can see New Area on the 2nd Anniversary
  • Anniversary Cake may be the next feature.
  • You can see a change in span island.
  • Update of new and exciting lobby themes.
  • Very main update of security improvement.
  • Outfit design may be updated or modified.

After clicking on Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link, you may actually see what new and special things are added.

How to download the new update of PUBG Lite

Now the question is put up on how to download the new update of PUBG Lite. So guys don’t worry, we are here to solve your problem with Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link. Note that in India PUBG is banned by the government of India, so you are unable to download the game or update it. You can perform this download task by using VPN. Or there is another way that at the end of this paragraph, you will find a download button or a download link, you just have to click on that button or link to download new updates of PUBG lite free of cost.

Download The Game

Installation method

After downloading has finished, click on the apk file, and after you will see an install option. But before it You allow your installation from unknown sources. To on this feature, go to the security setting of your phone and there you will find an option Unknown sources. Just click on this if it is off. We recommended you use VPN while playing the PUBG or PUBG lite games.
Setting—>Security—>unknown sources—>On/Off

Final words

In the end, I hope there is nothing so important things remain from your understanding. We told everything from point to point from the beginning to the end very smoothly. . PubG is the game of battles. This is the first most played game. Every third youngster is a lover of this game. Today’s article -Pubg Mobile Lite New Update Download Link finished hereIf there is any suggestion or question that remains in your mind, you can easily ask us through the comment section.
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