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Private Browser APK

Private Browser APK

Private Browser APK is the best security manager for web perusing. Private Browser can camouflage itself to be a number cruncher on your telephone and when you input your PIN in the adding machine it goes to a full-included program with super speed.

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Private Browser APK Highlights

Keep away from others

  • If another person plays with your telephone he can not discover a Private Browser. Since it as of now goes itself to a Calculator.
  • You can enter the PIN in this “adding machine” to get to program some portion of a private program

Download encryption

  • The program scrambles the downloaded record. Records, for example, recordings and pictures can’t be perceived by different applications or framework libraries and must be perceived and opened in the program.


  • There is ground-breaking work in the device called Ad-Blocker in Private Browser. With the Ad square capacity, Private Browser can viably square irritating advertisements, pop-ups, and flags, just as some particular Javascript, to give you an open to perusing experience. Moreover, the Ad square of Private Browser can make the page stacking speed quicker, yet additionally, lessen the web information use for clients.

Incognito Mode

  • Browsing without leaving any history treats, store, and so forth. The undercover mode makes your perusing experience completely private and mysterious.


  • Private Browser is made based on System-level part Webview worked in on your telephone. The framework level part is more quickly than some other independent application programs. So Private Browser has the best rendering speed on your telephone.

Other Features of Private Browser APK

  • Text search
  • Personalized bookmarks
  • Multi-tab control

Download APK ( 5.1MB )

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