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If you have got an Android device, you need one of the best Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android Apps t0 to protect your device from corrupted applications and other types of malware software. Your choice is far from limited. The best Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android Application offers not only top-notch malware detection and prevention but a range of privacy and antitheft features. Most Antivirus (Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android) have a free trial and some are entry free.

Many of our computing tasks have shifted from desktop systems to phones or tablets. In most cases, Android  Phones and tablets do not need to install Antivirus. Now, many of us have questions like – do we need to secure our Android Device with any external antivirus software? In this article, you also get the answer to this question.

What is Antivirus? Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android


Software that is created specifically to help detect, prevent and remove malicious software ( malware).

All smartphones and tablets are preferred targets for attacks Because these devices have family photos, passwords, pictures of pets, and more. For attackers, these items are a digital passport to access everything they would need to know about a person. So Mobile Antivirus has been made to stop these attackers.

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Mobile Antivirus is a kind of software used to scan, detect, prevent, and delete viruses from Mobile. Most Antivirus software automatically runs in the background to provide real-time protection against virus attacks. Antivirus solutions protect more than just smartphones, desktop systems, tablets, and computers. Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android protect precious memories, photo libraries and music, and important documents from destruction by malicious software. Make sure your protection is up to the challenge of defending against the latest threats.

Extensive virus protection programs help protect your important files and hardware from malware such as trojan horses, spyware, and worms, and may also offer additional protection such as customizable firewalls and website blocking. Many Antivirus (Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android) software programs still download malware definitions straight to your device and scan your files in search of matching.

We have rounded up the biggest names in mobile antivirus protection – Avast, Lookout, McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Quick Heal, and Avira. Rated this Antivirus based on setup, usability, interface, and extra feature. 

Why Do You Need Antivirus (Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android) Software?

These Antivirus tools are critical for all users to have installed and up-to-date because a computer without any Antivirus software will be infected within a few minutes of connecting to the internet. So Antivirus is the most important part of your device. The Bombardment is constant, which means Antivirus companies have to update their detection tools regularly to deal with the more than 50,000 new pieces of malware software created daily.

Viruses can be programmed to cause damage to your device, prevent users from accessing data, or take control of your computer.

The Best Mobile Antivirus For Android Device

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus (Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android) is the family of cross-platform internet security applications developed by Avast for Android. This Antivirus combines an Antivirus engine that scores highly in testing with a surprisingly extensive collection of extra features. It might seem logical that Antivirus companies would offer free Antivirus protection like a kind of loss leader, with only more basic protection. But actually, many of the popular free Antivirus tools offer full protection and extra features.


Fastest Browser for Android Mobile

Blocks All Forceful Threats

Prevent harmful viruses and malware (malicious software) from infecting Android Phones.

  • Detect malware (malicious software) before you install them
  • Verify the security of any Wi-Fi connection
  • Regular scans to detect threats penetrability
  • Protect against malware-infected links on the websites

Learn more about Avast Antivirus

Protect Your Privacy

Keep pusher out of your business, online and on your device

  • Secure your important files, photos, document, and apps using a PIN code, pattern, and fingerprint password
  • Access geo-restricted content with a VPN and hide your online activity

Increase Performance

Keep Android devices running as amazing as new

  • Speed up your device with RAM Boost
  • Free up storage space by cleaning out junk

Download Avast Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security is the most trusted Antivirus vendor’s product developed for Android devices. It comes in two different flavors, one for Mobile Phones and one for IOS hardware. Your Android device can carry a lot of personal information and may be vulnerable to cyber threats. Your mobile security is Norton LifeLock’s software built to keep phones safe. 

Here is what you get with Norton Mobile Security:


Wi-Fi Security 

These features judge any wireless network you joined and warns you if they are potentially insecure. Get notifications about Wi-Fi networks under attack by cyber threats. Who might eavesdrop on your Wi-Fi connection to steal? Thus saving you from having your data intercepted or the worst fate still like a malware infection.

Learn more about Norton Antivirus

Website Protection

When you are browsing the web, Norton Antivirus helps protect your device and your personal information against malicious links and sites that install trojans, ransomware, and other online threats. Norton Antivirus (Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android) helps protect against online scams by blocking fraudulent sites. 

Download Norton Antivirus

Malware Protection

Norton Mobile Security scans notify and help you remove harmful apps with viruses, spyware, and other threats.

Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal Mobile Security offers quick and reliable protection from malware (malicious software). It is a paid app that’s competing with powerful security freebies, it stands up well to them. This app is worth using if you need complete protection for your mobile and are willing to pay for it. 


Device Scanning

This flexible feature helps detect any malicious objects on your device and counter it. Regular scans keep your device safe from unseen threats. This feature also allows you to schedule a virus scan at a time that is convenient for you.  

Learn more about Quick Heal Antivirus

Security Advis0r

Quick Heal has a Security Advisor for you. The Security Advisor guides you about settings that can enhance the overall security of your smartphone.

Blocks Calls

Blocks all non-contact numbers from calling on your device by creating a blacklist. 

Download Quick Heal Antivirus

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Free Antivirus is best for Android phones?

Avast, Norton, and Quick Heal are the Best Antivirus for Android Device. We have also given them their download link. 

Can I download a free antivirus?

Yes, you can download free Antivirus like Avast, Norton, and Quick Heal.


Friends, in today’s blog we have learned which antivirus is good for your mobile phone. We also told you what antivirus (Mobile Antivirus Free Download for Android) is. In this blog, we have also given you full information about three Antivirus – Avast, Norton, and Quick Heal.

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