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If you want to keep track of all the activities of your girlfriend, Then Don’t worry. Today we are going to tell you about a similar application that makes your girlfriend’s mobile a “CCTV” camera. Friends Don’t waste your time,  see all the activities of your girlfriend on your mobile. You have to “Install” an application on your girlfriend’s mobile, after that follow all these instructions.

Make Mobile CCTV Camera

◆ Installing the application by clicking “Install Now” at the bottom of this post.

◆ After that open the application.

◆ Now, click on the option of “Start Server” at the bottom and select “YES”.

◆ After that wait for a few minutes to complete the Loading.

◆ After that Camera will be open Automatically.

◆ An option named “Action” will appear at the top right side of the camera click on it.

◆ An option will come “Copy to Clipboard” and click on it.

◆ After copying, you have to open any one browser on your mobile.

◆ After opening the browser, whatever we copied has to be searched by “Paste”.

◆ Now a website named “IP Webcam” will open in your browser.

◆ There you will see an option named “Javascript” and click on it.

◆ After that the girlfriend’s mobile Camera will be open on your mobile.

Now you can see all the activities of your girlfriend “LIVE”, what she does, where she goes.

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Hello, friends welcome once again to Mr Techer’s blog. Friends, in today’s article I will tell you how you can stop the wrong things that happening to you. If you go somewhere in the government office someone asks you for a bribe. Or someone bothers you on the way and you cannot record a video of such wrongdoings. But it is not so, in today’s article I will tell you about the wrong things that happen to you. If someone takes a bribe from you, or if someone harasses you. There are many such conditions that keep bothering you. So you can record such wrong deeds by secretly hiding them from your mobile. And those who do wrong to you can be caught, Can give them a warning. Friends, if you also want to know how all this is possible, then stay tuned, let’s start with this post.

◆ Friends, first of all, whatever you have to keep an eye on. With whomever wrong thing is happening, you have to install the application on his mobile. The Install Now button will be found at the bottom of this post, by clicking on the Install Now button, you can install the application directly.

◆ Friends, first of all, you have to go to the Play Store, after going to the Play Store, you have to search for the application named “IP Webcam”.

◆ How will you identify this application as soon as you search the application named app webcam on the play store Many applications named IP webcam will be open in front of you. Now you have to see the company named IP Webcam If you see the application of the company “Pavel Kahlebovich”, you can download it. Talking about its rating, it has a rating of 4.3. 89 thousand people have given a review this application. Talking about the size of this application, it is a 21 MB application. And 10 million+ people have downloaded this application Which is a very good very better application. So quickly install this application.

◆ After installing, you have to open the IP Webcam application.

◆ As soon as you open the PIP Webcam application, many options will come in front of you, you do not have to click on any of the options. At the bottom you will find a “Start Server” option, you have to click on the Start Server option. After that a video-format message will come in front of you, you have to click on Yes. After that the downloading will run for 5 seconds, which will be the code of the video, you have to wait for 5 seconds.

◆ As soon as the downloading is complete, the automatic camera will open on your mobile. As soon as the automatic camera is opened on your mobile You will see an “action” button at the top of the right side, you have to click on the button of that action.

◆ As soon as you click on the action option, many options will come in front of you, you have to click on the option of “Copy to Clipboard”.

◆ You have to share this IP address in your notebook and save it. So that you can record videos of people by clicking this link every time.

◆ So after clicking on the clipboard, you have to go to any of your browsers. Chrome, Internet, that browser, that mini browser, you have to go to any one browser, you have to open the browser.

◆ The IP address that you copied from the IP Webcam application is to be pasted on the top of the URL, after that it has to be searched.

◆ After that a website named PIP Webcam will open in front of you.

◆ After going to the IP Webcam website, you will get an option above Video Render, you will get Video Render. Below you will find an option named JavaScript, you have to click on the option named JavaScript. As soon as you click, the camera of your girlfriend’s mobile will open on your mobile, Where does your girlfriend go now, with whom does she meet You will keep on knowing everything live, who teases him, who bothers him.

◆ In the same way, you can select your audio according to you by going to the audio player below. If you do not want any audio then you have to click on No Audio. If you want to use a flashlight at night, then you have to click on the flash. If you want more audio, then you will get more options, by clicking on the audio one, you can also listen to the audio.

◆ In this way, you can keep an eye on your girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone sitting at home. can see more Who troubles them on the way and who troubles them, Who takes bribes from those people? You can watch everything live on your mobile Or you can show this live video to the policeman or you can even record this video.

◆ You will see more control panels that you can enable more secret settings from there.

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