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In this post, we will tell you about the best application for the Ludo game ( ludo Goti game ). Although there are a lot of Ludo Goti games on the Play Store, in this post, we will tell you about how to download the best Ludo Chakka Game. Which can be played alone, with your friends or online players. Along with this, you download the Ludo Chakka Game for free.

Friends, many of you must have played the ludo Goti game in childhood, which used to come on a board and still comes today. But now it is the time of computer and mobile, so now the way of playing the game has also changed, now you can play the same game on mobile and computer and that too with more features and more fun.

The best ludo Goti game is available for download on the Play Store for Android mobiles. Which will not allow you to be bored in your spare time. For entertainment, you can download more than one mobile game absolutely free. 

How to Download Ludo King Game for Mobile?

Ludo King game is the best game for Android devices. It is very easy to download Ludo Chakka Game. Android users can install it by visiting Google Play Store and the same iPhone users can download it from App Store. We have given the link of both below. Let us tell you that the size of the Ludo Chakka Game is about 51MB for Android and this game has been downloaded 500 million + on the Play store so far, as well as got a good rating of 4.3.

After downloading the Ludo Chakka Game app you will be able to enjoy playing Ludo games with different players. You can also download Ludo King free from here by going to the Play Store.

ludo chakka game download

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  • Ludo Chakka Game for Android                              Download 
  • Ludo Chakka Game for iPhone                                Download

How to Play Ludo King Game Online?

You can play Ludo Goti games both online and offline on the Ludo King app, as well as play from two players to six players here. Apart from this, you can play with your friends while doing text chat, voice chat, Apart from this, different types of emoji can also be sent to them during the game, so let’s tell about it further in detail.

Play Online Ludo King Game

If you are alone or want to play online with other people, or want as many coins, then you click on play online given here. here below you can also see the number of people playing online now. After this here you get three options to play the ludo Goti game first – classic, second – popular, and third – mask mode and below that you will be able to see how many players are playing now.

ludo chakka game dijiye


So go ahead by clicking on the way you want to play. Here if you have selected the option of classic, then after that click on the Next button.

Select your colour – So first of all here you have to select your token colour.


Select Player – Here you can play with two-player and four-player. You can also play with five/six players.

Select the Game type – One thing that is important here is that you should have at least 500 coins to play online. The winner also gets good coins, which can be seen by swiping right here.


Play Game – So now finally click on the next button to play the Ludo king game. Enjoy this game a lot.

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How to use Ludo Chakka Game?

It is very easy to use this game because its interface has been made very easy which anyone can learn easily, and can also understand its features quickly, so let us tell further how to use it. You can use this game very easily.

Select Language

After opening the Ludo Chakka game, first of all, you have to select your language. About 14 languages are found here, which includes 8 Indian languages such as – Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.


Log in Account

After this, an option will come to log in for which you can use Facebook ID and if you do not want to do then you can play by selecting another option play as a guest. Now your account will be created.


Select Profile Picture, Country, and Name

Select Your Country

By clicking here, you have to select the country, in which India will be on the first number, or if you want, you can also keep it like this. Now click on the Next button.



Profile Name

Here guests and some numbers will be already written. By clicking on it, you can write your name or you can play with the same name as before. Now click on the Next button.

Select Profile Picture

There will be many pictures below, you can click on any picture and keep your profile picture. In which age-wise has been given. If you want to keep your own picture, then you have to log in with your Facebook account for that.

ludo chakka game down

Click on Continue

After creating your account click on the continue button and play the ludo Goti game with friends and family members.

ludo chakka game video

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Ludo King Game Play and Rules

By following the given above steps, So after this game will start. Read some important rules to play this game.

  • So now to play the ludo Goti game, it is simple to click on the dice icon given on the side of your profile, whenever it is your turn.

ludo goti

  • In the ludo Goti game, your token will come out only when 6 numbers come in your dice.
  • You will have 4 tokens in the game and the front player will also have 4 tokens. All those tokens have to be taken out and reach the winning point.
  • In the meantime, your token can be killed by the front player and you can also kill their token, for which the same number should appear on your dice. When the token is killed, you can throw your dice again.
  • Whenever the star icon will be made on the game board, if there is a token there, then no one will be able to kill it. Apart from this, any house with colour will have a token. Even then no one can kill him.
  • You win the ludo Goti game when all your tokens reach their designated place first.


Friends, in today’s article we have told you how to download the Ludo Chakka Game on your mobile phone. We have given you complete information about the Ludo Chakka Game. You can get complete information about the Ludo Chakka Game by reading this article of ours. Ludo Chakka Game is a very good game for your mobile phone. In this game, you can play ludo with your friends and family members very easily and you can spend your time with friends and family members.

In this, we have told you how to play this ludo Goti game with other people. Along with this, we have told you step by step how you can create your account. After creating an account, you can very easily play this game on your mobile phone and you can also do online chatting, voice chatting with your friends on this game. friends, I hope you liked our article. If you liked this article of ours, then definitely let us know.

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