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Experience the fastest and most secure browser for your smartphone. JioBrowser is one of the first Indian browsers that was developed keeping Indian users in mind. This Mobile browser is designed to provide a fast and secure internet surfing experience along with some of the most engaging News & Entertainment content available today.

You’ve got all you wish with JioBrowser to effectively surf your favorite websites. The browser itself indeed highlights a valuable domestic screen where you’ll be able to add alternate routes to your favored goalsComparative to that, the device empowers you to introduce widgets so simply may get to the climate reports or sports scores you take after.

JioBrowser helps surf the internet faster than ever before, respects the user’s privacy, and is a lightweight web browser. Users can search, download the files and share the information through the browser.

JioBrowser, of course, consolidates a dull mode that will adjust the interface to night conditions by lessening the brightness. Hence, your eyes will appreciate being able to get to websites with fewer white pixels. On the other hand, you’re too advertising the plausibility of consolidating highlighted sections in which you’ll counsel news that intrigued you.

Click here to Download JioBrowser APK

Download JioBrowser APK

JioBrowser Highlights

  • Fast and easy to browse
  • Lightweight Browser
  • Regional language support
  • Latest News and Videos
  • Live Cricket score updates
  • Quick links for the top search websites
  • Quick Share
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Print/Save as PDF
  • Offline Pages
  • Manage downloads and history
  • The desktop experience is enabled.
  • Incognito mode browsing (Private Browser)
  • Memory and Battery saver.
  • Voice search
  • Force zoom
  • Exit Popup
  • Multiple search engine
  • In-app updates
  • Dark theme
  • Secure Incognito mode
  • User Feedback
  • Scheduled Downloads
  • Quick links Add, Edit & Delete

JioBrowser Other Features

Dark Theme

The color scheme uses light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background and it provides a better reading experience.

Scheduled Downloads

Schedule downloads at a time convenient to the user which gets triggered at the time chosen while adding.

QR Code Scanner

Is used to read the data from the QR code and bar code.

Quick links Add, Edit & Delete

Now users can add, edit, and delete any sites of their choice in quick links.

User Feedback

Users can send feedback related to JioBrowser application usage experience & issues faced.

Secure Incognito Mode

Verifying the identity of a user by PIN/ Fingerprint to access the incognito mode of the browser.

Regional Language Support

JioBrowser supports 8 Indian languages along with English.

Quick access to top sites

JioBrowser has integrated quick links for some of the Best websites, just click the logo of the website and start surfing.

Share with Friends

JioBrowser allows users to share their favorite articles or videos easily with their friends and colleagues through social media.

Privacy Protection

JioBrowser also protects users with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS (encrypted data traffic).
Private Browsing: Incognito mode allows you to protect your browsing history and offer a private surfing experience.

Share with Friends

Now share your favorite News or Video easily with your friends on social media.

Manage Downloads & History

Easily manage your downloads and history from the browser.

Incognito Bookmarks

Save links that which user wants to open in incognito mode only, PIN authentication can be enabled for security.

Live Cricket Score Updates

Now trackball by ball coverage of all the upcoming Indian Cricket action.

Hide Toolbar

To provide a better reading experience, hide both the URL and the bottom bar when scrolling the pages.

Download APK ( 7.2MB )

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