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jio call recording apk

Hello friends how are you? Today we are presenting here a new interesting article Jio Call Recording APK. You all are familiar with the jio network. It is India’s most famous network service provider. Today we will tell you how can you record your incoming and outgoing calls on your jio phone and as well as on your Android phone also. The jio feature phone was launched by the Reliance company approx 4 years ago. We will sure to describe the jio call recording app download jio phone. So please read the whole article till the end so that there will be no doubt that remains in your mind related to the article. 

Features of Jio Call Recording APK

Now we’re going to tell you about the features of call recording downloading because it is very important to know how can this app going to very interesting and helpful for you. The most important thing is to know that Jio4gVoice is now known as Jio Call. Now let’s start and describing the features.

Awesome Calling App – This application is extraordinary in contrast to other Android recording applications it gives you very good accessibility and a very good user interface. This application is designed for the users to rely on and utilize in a very very good way. You can earn a very good experience on this call recording app.

Unified Messaging for SMS & Chat – With the help of this Jio call application, You can make calls and send text messages from your jio phone to any number. This allows you to share photos, pdf files, and documents with another person over the internet. So guys make your chatting experience awesome with this very important application.

Secure and trustworthy – The most important thing is that this application is totally and fully secure from all ends. You don’t need to worry about your privacy or data stolen or any other private content. Google Play Store has verified this Jio Call Recording APK. This is an application of the very famous brand Jio, which made this application extra trustworthy. So you can trust it without any doubt.

Voice and Video calling features – This application allows you to make voice and video calls in a very simple way. It can work very smoothly when there is low data speed. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of your call. You will never face the call drop problem or any unavailability of the app server.

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How to install the Jio Call Recording APK

You need to follow the steps given below very carefully to install the Jio Call Recording APK on your Android phone.
Step 1 – The very first of all you need to go for the jio app store on your phone.
2nd Step – Now in the app, you will find a search bar to search Jio Call Recording APK.
Step 3 – Just now download the jio auto call recording apk.
After opening the app and select the check box by reading Terms and conditions. Now enjoy the Jio recorder application. You can install this application by clicking the download link below.

Download Now

How to record calls on Jio Phones

Now follow the given steps to record any call on your phone.

  • First of all, Select the call which you want to record on your phone. Now it will start to record automatically.
  • Once you will do these above steps carefully, Your call recording will start to be reflected in the file manager of your Jio feature smartphone. 

  • You can listen anytime these recordings. You can also search these recordings by name or phone number.

Click here to download the Jio4Gvoice recorder

jio auto call recording apk

How to set up Auto call recording feature

Now the most common question is going to be solved in our very interesting article Jio Call Recording APK. The question is how you can set up an auto-call recording feature on your phone. So please don’t worry guys. You can follow the below steps to easily set up auto-call recording on your phone.

  • The very first step is that you need to select the default option so that it can record automatically your all calls.
  • Now there will be two options first is to ignore everything and the second is to ignore contacts. This feature allows you to select your favorite number to record the calls or else you can record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

  • At last, you all are set done. Now enjoy your call recording feature in a very interesting way.


First of all, very thank you to all of our readers who read the whole article of today’s Jio Call Recording APK from starting to the nd with very carefully. In fact, I hope you all get to know about the call recording feature of the jio phone as well as on smartphones also. You can easily download the jio call app and Jio4Gvoice for your smartphone from the link given in the mid of the article. If you like the article, please share this valuable information with your friends and relatives. We will meet soon with a new topic. Take care! 

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