How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone? Phone or Tablet

How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone

Hello! how are you guys, today we are presenting a very common issue in the digital world of How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Phone. Yeah true! because taking screenshots is quite common but many people are far away from the knowledge of that How to take screenshots. Let’s start the discussion about that how to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone.

What is the screenshot and how to take a screenshot?

Screenshot, as it is clear from its name that to take a shot or picture of any screen. This screen may be your android phone or your Windows phone or tablet. How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone Actually sometimes we need to save some info about the work e.g. payment proof, financial data, any text msg, or much more things. You can also see the images of some screenshots below and learn how to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone.

Install OBB File on Android

How to take a screenshot on your phone or tablet

Taking screenshots on a phone or tablet is very easy. Various ways are defined to take clicks but most of them are the same for almost phones or tablets. Here we have some methods for how take screenshots. But some of them are very rarely known by people. I don’t know if these methods u know before or not but by investing 5 to 10 min here you can gain knowledge about the common to advanced methods. So Donna worry guys because we are describing here three methods that are working on almost all phones or tablets and you will learn very easily How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone.

1. By swiping your three fingers on the phone screen

This method is very easy and works on all phones almost. just you have to swipe your three fingers on the mobile screen to take a screenshot of your phone screen. You have to drag or swipe your fingers from the top of the screen to the bottom. For your easy convenience, we show you a picture of taking screenshots by method no. 1.

how to take a screen shot on phone        how to take a screenshot on android tablet

2. By pressing two keys on your smartphone or tablet

In this method, you are gonna using your phone’s or tablet’s button for taking screenshots. This method is different on different phones or tablets. So one by one we will tell you how to capture your screen within a second.

  • Two keys are used to take screenshots. Press the power button and down volume button & hold it for a few sec. Very soon you see a pop-up or a message of taking a screenshot in the notification center as shown in the figure below…..

screenshot on android phone

  • The upper method sometimes doesn’t work in older versions of android phones so you have to press the power button with the home button. The next processes are the same as described above.

take screenshot on your mobile

3. By using other party apps 

Last but not least, You can take screenshots by using third-party applications also. These applications are available free of cost on the Google play store or other application platforms. So now we are describing here 2 or 3 applications that can help you to take screenshots of your android screen.

  • Screenshot touch App – This is a very good application to take screenshots. you can easily find it on Playstore. you can edit, crop, or customize your screenshot after clicking. you can download this awesome app from here.

Install XAPK on Android

 Download App

on-android-phone-android-phone-or-tablet                    phone-or-tablet screenshot


  • Screenshot Easy App – This is another very fine application to record or click on your screen. This is also available on the play store. you can directly download it from here.

Download App

Where these screenshots are saved in your android

Generally, screenshots are saved in Gallery (photos) on your android or tablet. You can easily check them in your gallery folder. You can customize, crop, and design your screenshot or you can also take a printout of it.

Steps to check Screenshots saved on your phone.

  • first, open your gallery (photos) folder on your phone.
  • you will find there a folder named Screenshots.
  • Touch and open it as you want it curiously.
  • Hurray! You find your clicked screenshot.
  • Now use them where you wanna use them.

preview of screenshotscreenshot taking in phone

Final words

Screenshot plays a very major role in our digital life. Taking screenshots is not very hard work but very people here are the type who don’t know these processes. the main purpose of writing this article is that everyone should know about the tech and tips of new generations. I hope you all who read this article, got the satisfaction of your queries. If you liked  How to Take a Screenshot on Android Phone then plz do a good comment on the last of this article.

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