How to Install YouTube Vanced? Free YouTube Vanced APK Download

How To Install YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an android appplication where we can watch videos, listen music, and get entertainment. It is a better app than original. This have some special features like true amoled dark mode, ad setting and lot more. The main features of this, there is no ads in this whenever we used this. It does not show any ad at home page or whenever we play a video in between. It manage all the video. In this article we will talk about How to install YouTube vanced? And talk about steps of download this youtube vance app.

How To Install/Download YouTube Vanced?

To download the youtube vanced appplication click on giving below button. After click on that button, you have to youtube vanced apk download. There is a two way to download application. You can also see the below steps to download YouTube vanced apk latest version—

First Way

  1. Click the download button
  2. Now the notification will pop up at bottom of mobile device
  3. There is a two option ‘cancel’ and ‘Download’pop-up-notification-download-youtube-vanced
  4. Click ok
  5. Then the apk will be downloading
  6. After download install the youtbe vanced application
  7. Now your youtube vanced apk raedy to use

Click Here to download Youtube Vanced App

Click Here To Download

Second Way

Some time first way does not work then you can try another way to download this.

  1. Before download this application we have to be off play protect option in the play store.
  2. This option you can find at play store setting section.
  3. There is an option of play protect.
  4. Just click on that.
  5. Then you will see setting option at corner, click on this.
  6. Off the ‘scan apps with play protect’off-play-protect-to-download
  7. Now you are able to download any application


Download By Above Download Button 

Use Of  Youtube Vanced APK

Main use of this Youtube vanced apk to remove ads from Youtube video. That is much better to use this. It is free from all the advertisement. We can simply play video and watch them. But it is not available at the play store. That can be bad to use for security purpose.


We can say that it is an old version of Youtube. So simply it have old features of Youtube. It can be update after some time of original update. So there is no ads in this application.

  • That gives us a free look. Just play and watch. Everything is look like YouTube.
  • You can download videos on this.
  • You can also use premium features of the Youtube in  free for example background play music, dark mode and many more features.
  • It is good to use. As much i feel it is place where you can play Youtube video without any advertisement or any break point. That is pretty good.
  • You can learn many more thing without ant type of disturbance.
  • That is also save the battery and our eye by the use of of dark mode enabling.

Frequently Ask Question (Q&A)

Q:- Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

Ans:- Yes, it is  completely safe. I’m also used this. But you have to just use as play & watch video. Problem can be everywhere if you don’t know more about the things. 

Q:- How To Install YouTube Vanced?

Ans:- I already tell you about How To Install YouTube Vanced? You can easily install this app in your android phone. If you have problem regarding installation, You can comment me. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Q:- Is Vanced Youtube illegal?

Ans:- You can use frequently. There is no issue. It is legal. But you have to just use as play & watch video. If you are an android user then this is illegal according to the android play store. 

Q:- Can i used premium features of  Youtube?

Ans:- Yes we can also use premium features of  the Youtube like background music option to play video without and play video just listen voice or music and all.


We have told you that How to install YouTube vanced in this article. That is also known as YouTube vanced apk download. It is an great application to watch free ad  videos on this platform. It is  the best platform for those who do not want any disturbance in their learning r in entertainment. But there is some risk about it. And we have discuss here how to use it. There are so many features we learn here about  YouTube vanced. I hope you will like this article. And install YouTube vanced for watch YouTube video without any advertisement. There is no disturbance to watch video of this. Enjoy freely all videos. If you like this article then share our post around you friend circle and colleagues. And subscribe our website to get latest post early. 

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