How to Install XAPK on Android (Full Guide Step-by-Step)


In today’s article, we are going to tell you about XAPK. Do you know what is XAPK and How to Install XAPK on Android? Friends, in this article we’ll tell you complete information about the XAPK file. The XAPK files are package containers for mechanical man apps and are terribly the same as the APK files. However, you can’t sideload these files onto your mechanical man phone. So however do XAPK work?

What is XAPK File?

XAPK file is an Android app package format. An XAPK needs to comprise at least one APK, that’s the skeleton of the software, and an OBB, that’s the greater record that incorporates the software running. An XAPK file name always ends within the file extension APK. With our application, XAPK installer, you’ll directly download all APK files and XAPK files ( How to Install XAPK ) with only a tap. Also. the newest version of the XAPK file installer supports split APK file installation. With this, it allows you to put in the newest format of XAPK. Just try it! It’ll work sort of a charm. There are two kinds of XAPK files immediately as below shows.


1. Google Play hosts the growth documents for our utility and server them to the toll without charge to us. The expansion file is often any format we select and they usually keep additional resources required by our app.

  • XAPK file = APK file + OBB + Cache + App icon and Miscellaneous info.

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2. The different forms of XAPK report layout are fashioned from an Android software package to get and serve optimized APKs for each user’s tool configuration. Every APK file may be a complete and independent model of the application, but they share an equivalent app and package name and be signed with an equivalent release key. This new add layout of the XAPK file ( How to Install XAPK ) lets customers induce smaller, extra optimized downloads due to the fact they download handiest the code and sources they want to run the application.

What is an APK File?

The APK file is the acronym for “Android Package”, which is a package deal document layout maximum extensively utilized by the Android working device for distribution and set up of cell applications and middleware. APK documents are a sort of archive record, mainly in zip layout-kind packages, primarily based totally on the JAR record layout, with APK because of the filename extension.

How to Install XAPK on Android?

First Method to Install XAPK

  • First of all, download the APKFab App. You can download the APKFab App by clicking on the download button below.
  • After downloading, the APKfab file on your device goes to the file manager and installs APKFab on your device.


  • Now open the APKFab application and go to management > APK files/XAPK files list to find the XAPK.


  • After finding the XAPK file then clicks on the install button.
  • Now, the XAPK will be installed on your mobile phone successfully.

Second Method to Install XAPK

  • First of all download the XAPK file on your mobile phone. You can download the XAPK file by clicking on the download button given below.
  • Search the XAPK file in your file manager and rename the extension to .zip format.
  • Find the zip file.
  • Find the OBB file name as “com.xxxxxxx.obb” inside the file and copy this file into the location/sdcard/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/
  • Now you can install the XAPK files very easily on your Android device and run the file on your mobile phone.

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What is the OBB file?

Google Play calls for the compressed APK file that customers download be no extra than 100MB, Every time you add an APK the use of the Google Play Store, you’ve got the choice to feature one or expansive OBB to the APK, maybe any layout you pick (ZIP, MP4, etc.) Each report may be as much as 2GB and it may be any layout you pick builders can use the XAPK report layout to permit customers to download the APK reports on your Android without corruption.


Friends, in today’s article I have told you How to Install XAPK? Installing the XAPK file is very easy. All you have to do is follow all the steps given by us, by following the steps you can install the XAPK file on your mobile phone very easily. We have told you what is XAPK file. (How to Install XAPK) How to download XAPK file? Friends, we have given you all the information related to the XAPK file very easily. You can get all the information related to XAPK by reading this article of ours. Along with this, we have told you what is APK file is and how to download an APK file. We have told you what is OBB file is and how to download the OBB file. If you liked this article of ours, then do let us know.

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