How to Install OBB File on Android (Full Installation Guide)

How to Install OBB File


Hi, folks welcome back to another tech article of MrTechEr. In today’s article, we will tell you how can you install an OBB file in android to its right place.  If you are tired of searching how to install OBB file on android then this is the right place for you to get all answers that you need to install an OBB file on android. This process is very easy and will not take much time as you expected. Everyone has less time and wanted to get solutions to her/his problems in less time. Don’t worry we are here to help you. This article will solve all your queries.

In today’s world, our Internet Service Provider(ISP) is providing data packs at a low cost and everyone is getting 1.5GB of data daily and they are using this data in essential work. When it comes to gaming if you are fond of gaming and wanted to play games on your android without spending data. You wanted to play big games like PUBG, Call Of Duty, and many more games without spending internet data. This is the right place for you. So let’s get started without taking much time.

What is OBB file?

OBB stands for Opaque Binary Blob. For those who came here in search of the OBB file. It is good to know what is OBB file is. Every Android App Developer stores the information, images, and graphics of their apps in APK files. But It is not good enough sometimes for big and bulky apps. So this OBB file allows you to store the rest of the information of applications that are required to run an application.

When it comes to the OBB file, the data is stored in the OBB file. This data is stored in encrypted form. Which consists of mainly graphics and media files. Basically, the OBB file is an extension of files like apk, Rar, Exe, etc. Now for a better understanding of the concept of the OBB file, You have to understand how this OBB file can be installed on Android Devices.

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Requirements to Install OBB file

  • OBB file( Having the extension of .obb )
  • APK file
  • Data folder
  • Mobile Phone

How to Install OBB File On Android(Step By Step)

For the installation of the OBB file, you just need to begin with the installation of the Apk file. So, You have to follow the  instructions that are given below to install the app file on your Android device:

  • Download the Apk File or you can also take this apk file from your friends who already have this one, on your Android device.
  • On your device, Enable the “Unknown Sources”. To do this, just follow this path. → Settings > Security settings > Unknown sources. Allow this.

How to Install OBB File

  • Then you have to install the apk file on an Android device
  • Now, ask for the OBB file from your friends or you can download this from the internet.
  • Don’t open the app after this step.

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Next Step

Now you have to just place the downloaded/shared OBB file at the correct location on your device. Here are some steps given below. Where do you’ve to put the OBB file? You can do this with the help of a mobile as well laptop.

  • If you download the OBB file, it comes in a Zip file. Unzip or extract the data file with a suitable extractor.
  • It may be the situation if you take this from one of your friends then don’t need to extract it.
  • You should keep in mind, to make a folder whose name should be in the form of“com.’package_name’”. Don’t worry most of the time, the uploader would have named it correctly. (For example, if you wanted to install PUBG’s obb file then it should be com.Tencent.ig )
  • Now the next step is to copy this folder to the “Android/Obb” folder in your Internal memory.

obb file extract how to open obb file how to install obb file with apk

  • It may be the case when the name of the Obb folder you download along with the app is incorrect, you have to rename it with the package name of the app. It can be easily found in the play store URL of the respective app/game. Its name starts with com.package_name.
  • Wow, you made it!!
  • And then run the installed APK file on your android device.

So this is all about installing an OBB file on your Android device. You can now enjoy more features of APK files and OBB files on your Android/Smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I put OBB file?

You should put the OBB file in the correct location in the Android folder. For this process, instructions are given above.

Can I install the OBB file in PUBG?

Yes, you play your favorite game like PUBG,  which is big in size without downloading it. For this, you have to ask your friend to give you the OBB file as well as the APK file. You can do this with the help of any media-sharing application.


Hello friends, in this article we have told you how How to install an OBB file on your Android Device. I hope by reading this article you could get all information related to how to install the OBB file on your Android Device. In this article, we have told you complete information. We tried to convey all the information step by step. I hope you enjoyed our article.

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