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How to Hide Photos

How to Hide Photos and Videos

How to Hide Photos, Conceal photographs, and recordings from your photograph display and access them effectively utilizing a mystery PIN code. Presently you can undoubtedly share your telephone without stressing over protection. The application is cunningly masked as “Sound Manager” in the App Drawer.

Camouflages itself as an Audio Manager application that can be utilized to turn the volumes here and there. in any case, on the off chance that you Long push on the Audio Manager title, the real Hide It Pro application will dispatch, which is fundamentally your SECRET VAULT of covered-up photographs, recordings, messages, applications, and so on. You can Hide photographs, recordings, or some other documents in your Private Vault.

Hide Photo APK Highlights

1. Built-in encryption instrument to make sure about your most significant records.

2. Gallery with incorporated Slideshow and sharing to WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and so on.

3. Multiple lock screen alternatives – Pin, Password, Pattern.

4. App Disappears from the late applications list, and can’t be followed.

5. Categorize media into concealed organizers of your decision.

6. Hide the application symbol from the application cabinet or the telephone.

7. Free Cloud reinforcement of your documents.

8. Fingerprint open.

9. Escape pin/secret word for times when you get captured.

10. App masked behind a completely practical Audio Manager (Other camouflages like Calculator and so on are accessible).

11. Other Features like Secret Chatting, Private Messaging/Calls, Private Browsing, and Locking Apps.

12. Integrated Video player with the help of VLC player, MPlayerX, and so on.

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