How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock in Android

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint

Anyone use your Whatsapp behind you, Some important photos or chat are there. Now Don’t worry. Quickly put the “Fingerprint” Lock on your Whatsapp, after that no one can use your Whatsapp without your permission. . Follow these instructions to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint to lock on your Whatsapp.

◆ First you have to “Open” Whatsapp.

◆ After that you will see 3 Dots at the top right side and you have to click on it.

◆ Now you have to click on Setting.

◆ At the top, You will see the option of Account and you have to click on it.

◆ After that click on the privacy option.

◆ Now the option of “Fingerprint Lock” will be seen at the bottom.

◆ Then click on “Unlock with fingerprint” to change the setting to “Enable” or “ON”.

◆  It will ask you to set your Fingerprint.

◆ You have to set any of your fingerprints.

◆ On the option below, you have to set “Immediately”.

After that you can avail to use Fingerprint Lock on your Whatsapp, now no one can use your Whatsapp without your permission.

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Hello, friends welcome once again to our blog. Friends, in today’s blog I am going to tell you how you can put a fingerprint lock on your WhatsApp. This feature of Whatsapp has been recently launched. Friends, as you know, this fingerprint lock was very much needed for WhatsApp foot. As you see, if you put your phone somewhere, then anyone can use your phone. And open WhatsApp and read the chat. And you do not want anyone to read your WhatsApp chat. So for this, it has been recently launched WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock. With which you can unlock or open your WhatsApp only with your fingerprint. Friends, we are going to tell you in this post how to use it. Read this post till the last, then you will be able to understand it properly. And you will be able to properly install fingerprint lock in your mobile’s WhatsApp as well.

How to Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock:

  • First of all, update your WhatsApp by going to the play store. Because these features have been given in the updated WhatsApp only. When you will update your WhatsApp then you will get to see this feature in WhatsApp. If you will not update your WhatsApp till then the option of WhatsApp fingerprint lock will not appear on your mobile.
  • After that, you have to open your WhatsApp.
  • After opening WhatsApp, you will see 3 dots on the top right side. You have to click on those 3 dots.
  • After clicking on 3 dots, you will see the option of settings below, you have to click on the option of settings.
  • After clicking on Settings, you have to go away by clicking on Accounts.
  • After clicking on Accounts, you will see the option of Privacy.
  • After clicking on Accounts, you have to click on the Privacy option.
  • After clicking on Privacy, at the bottom you will see an option Fingerprint Lock. Which will already be disabled. Friends this fingerprint lock option you will update your Whatsapp Only then will the show. If you have not updated your WhatsApp then this option will not show you.
  • You have to click on Fingerprint Lock.
  • After that, you have to enable it.
  • After enabling, you have to put your thumb on your fingerprint scanner.
  • Your fingerprint will be confirmed as soon as you place your thumb on the fingerprint scanner.
  • After confirming the fingerprint, you will see 3 options, out of which you have to select the option immediately.
  • After that, you have to turn off your WhatsApp. and then open your Whatsapp and check Whether your fingerprint lock is working properly or not.
  • As soon as you open your WhatsApp again, it will start asking you for your fingerprint.
  • You have to give your fingerprint, and after that, your WhatsApp will be opened.
  • If you give the wrong fingerprint then your WhatsApp will not open.
  • Similarly, if someone uses your mobile and wants to open your WhatsApp If he tries, he will not be able to open your WhatsApp.

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