How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Your Mobile Phone?

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers

Indeed, your new Bluetooth speaker has shown up. Before you stream all your cherished music all over, you actually need to associate your cell phone and speaker. In this article – How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers, you can peruse how you can accomplish this in very simple stages. So we are ready to learn something new with our article. At last please don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

The popularity of Bluetooth World

Nowadays Bluetooth earned a lot of popularity. We can easily find Bluetooth devices everywhere around us. These days use of Bluetooth is increasing day by day. almost all speakers and media devices have the feature of Bluetooth by default. Bluetooth speakers are just without wire or cable, which means they are wireless. These speakers gonna used at your house, office, party time, or even in your car also. One thing that is more interesting to note is that speakers do not depend on a Wi-Fi system and they may be chargeable or direct connect to the switch mode power supply(electricity). This article-How Connect Bluetooth speaker is going to be very awesome because everyone wants to learn about technology.

How do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

As we told you above that they are wireless speakers. So they need to catch the digital rays or signals from the receiver or from your smartphone. After the receiving signal, these inputs are converted to analog audio. After conversion, it goes through an amplification process, and last these signals are converted into very pretty and good sounds which you can hear very finely.

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Steps to connect Bluetooth speakers to the Android

We will describe to you some good tips on How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers. So after reading this article you will have the perfect knowledge about Bluetooth and its connectivity. Please be sure that your phone and your speaker must be charged fully.

Note: Keep your phone updated to the latest version. So that the next process does not need to face any software update problems.

Step 1  – Turning on your phone Bluetooth

Go to in settings of your phone And click on the Bluetooth option. you can also go into your Bluetooth menu by swiping down the upper notification panel of your phone as shown in the first screenshot by long pressing on the icon. You can see this process in the screenshot given just below it.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers1

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers2

Step 2 – Turning on your Bluetooth speakers

Now you have to open your Bluetooth speaker’s power button. When it will on you may hear the sound of pairing. your speakers now start to search for nearby Bluetooth signals. Because without pairing your speakers cant get connected to your android phone.

How to Connect Bluetooth speaker

Step 3 – Start pairing your speakers with your phone

Now keep your smartphone nearer to your Bluetooth speakers for good connectivity. In your android phone’s Bluetooth menu click on search other devices (it may be written as search nearby or available devices – depending on the smartphone company). you can see the screenshot below.

Bluetooth Speaker screenshot

Step 4 – Start connecting your Bluetooth speakers to the phone

After doing the above process successfully, you will see your Bluetooth speaker’s name or brand in your nearby devices or available device section. Tap on the Bluetooth speaker’s name and they will automatically pair to your smartphone and you will hear a sound of connection. Now the pairing has been done successfully. you can play songs, and videos and enjoy your awesome sound on your awesome Bluetooth speakers.

Controlling Your Bluetooth speakers

You can directly control your Bluetooth speakers from your android phone. You can adjust your speakers’ volume by your android phone’s volume buttons. you can also receive phone calls and answer them. After disconnecting, you do not need to pair your same Bluetooth speaker with your same android phone. It will automatically connect when you are nearer to your speakers and when your Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time?
It may depend on your phone But mostly the latest version of Android 11 is allowed to play 2 Bluetooth speakers at the same time.

Why is my Bluetooth speaker not connecting?
If your Bluetooth speaker device is unable to connect please make sure that you have done the above steps very carefully or that your speakers are in working condition with a good power supply.

How do I enable dual audio?
First Go to your Bluetooth menu on your android. After pairing the device click on the Advance setting in front of the three dots. Here you will get an option to enable dual audio. You can open it from here.

Final Words about the topic

Now we are finalizing this Topic – How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers. I hope you all are enjoying this awesome article very much. In the digital world, everyone wants to look very specific from others with gadgets. So we are ready here every day to serve you more and more interesting things about technology and the digital world. You can share your feedback about this article in the comment section below and also you can share this with your friends as well.

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