How to Compress Image Size in Mobile? Reduce Image Size in KB

How to Compress Image Size in android phones

Hello everyone! How are you today? Hope you all are fine and happy. In today’s article- How to Compress Image Size, we will tell you some informative knowledge about compressing the image, reducing its size, editing in pixels, and much more. In the world of technology and media photography is one of the interesting subjects among the new generation. So keep reading this article without getting bored and enjoy your day greatly.

What is Image Compression

As clear from its name image compress, means to reduce the size, area, or dimensions of a thing. Nowadays mostly all smartphones have a very good resolution of images captured by high megapixels cameras. This is a good quality phone but when we need to share these photos or images, we need to compress its size. You need to compress its size from MB to KB For example: if we need to send an email attached with photos, send any MMS images, fill any online form submission. For completing these works we cant send images in their original sizes because the original is greater than a requirement. So we need to reduce the size of that image file so we can comfortably send these image files to our respective areas.

Methods to reduce or compress image size

There are plenty of ways available on the internet to perform reducing or compressing work. But some of them are not good or not working properly as we need them. In today’s article – How to Compress Image Size, You will find two awesome methods to compress or reduce your picture and image files. You can easily convert your pic size from MB to KB on your android phone.

Method 1 – By using Android Applications

The very first method is to compress images by using an android phone application.

  • Reduce Photo Size App
    This is one of the best tools to compress your photo images. when you need to send an email attachment with pics, you can use this powerful application for doing your image compression. This tool application also works for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram image compression. One of the best things is that you will unable to do the quality comparison because both images are looking similar even after compression.

How to Compress Imageshow to compress image size in android


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  • Photo & Picture Resizer App
    This is another application to compress high-quality images on your android phones. These applications are available free of cost on the google play store. You can resize multiple photos at the same time. One very good feature of this app is to create banners for Youtube. This feature makes this application very useful and powerful also. This application support mostly all of the formats of images such as jpeg, jpg, png, and many more.

how to compress image size without losing quality


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Online Photo Editor Change Background Image

  • XnConvert App
    This is the most advanced application available on the play store. Actually, all compressing apps work on the same principles. But this app has many extra features from the above two applications. You can also use text watermarks behind your pictures. You can create gifs of images. I think you are slowly learning to know about that How to Compress Image Size in android.

How to Compress Image Sizes

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Method 2 – By using online websites Tools

Many online websites are ranked on the internet for image compression, editing, and cropping images. We will describe to you some of the best and free websites which make your work easier than your expectations. So you don’t have to worry about image compression. If you are thinking of not downloading these apps. you can opt for these websites.

  • PicResize
    This is a very popular website to compress image size and dimensions. This website is very user-friendly and everyone can use this website freely for compressing or reducing image files. With the help of these websites, you can compress your image from MB to KB easily. We will give you this website link below the paragraph, so you can easily redirect to the right place.
                                                                Click here to go to this website.
  • ReduceImages
    This is the second number website which is working very finely. you just have to select or drag your photo to the selection or uploading area. And after successfully uploading you can edit your images according to your need. So try this awesome tool now by clicking the below link.
                                                                Click here to go to this website.
  • SimpleImageResizer
    A simple image resizer is a good website for your reducing and compressing images works. This website has some extra features also for e.g.You can optimize your photo size in dimensions pixels, and You can convert the format of any image to jpg to png or png to jpg. So you can also try this website and enjoy your day in a very happy mood with our articles.
                                                                Click here to go to this website.

Final words

In this article, we told you about – How to Compress Image Size. This is a very frequently asked topic for the people who don’t know about it. So I hope we have given you true and genuine information for reducing or compressing images. But wait, dude! If you like our website and article then please make a good comment for this awesome article and one share for our hard work.

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