How does a Gimbal Work? What is a Camera Gimbal?

How does a Gimbal Work

Hello, friends welcome back to another article on our website/blog. In this article, we will tell you how does a Gimbal work? What is a Camera Gimbal? Maybe many of you are using Gimbal. Definitely, One thing that might have come to your mind or you wanna know how this thing works. What is the mechanism or you can say Science behind this? Don’t worry we are here to answer all the questions that are coming to your mind. In simple terms, you can say that Gimbal is simply a Camera Stabilizer. So without any further delay let’s go into it and find out more about Gimbal.

What is Gimbal?

If you are a photographer or cinematographer then you have probably used Gimbal while making a video with your camera. Gimbal will make your video-making experience a lot easier with respect to video-making experiences with hands. Throughout history, film studios or you can say for making a video have usually used high budget and cumbersome tools like Steadicams and dolly tracks to keep the running shots in the video smoothly. These tools require skilled people or you can say operators to use since they are not computer-assisted.

So you want to make a video or wanted to film a scene where a character is running from one point that is A to another that is point B in a tracking shot. You can not buy it if you lack money a Steadicam so you film it handheld. This is the situation where you need a gimbal that can shoot a film or video smoothly.

A gimbal is a supporting or you can say physical device that uses motors and intelligent sensors to support and stabilize a camera. It means you can make a video or shoot a film silky smooth video footage while objects are in moving condition.

How does Gimbal work?

If you have seen a video shoot or film shoot that is taken with Gimbal. Then I am pretty sure you have asked yourself this question: How does the gimbal work?  So, I think everyone will be happy with the functionality of this device. Even I got impressed with this device when I saw it the first time. It has a level head and moves so smoothly.  You would think Gimbal got a mind of its own or this device has some form of artificial intelligence! So let’s see how this device(Gimbal) works.

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gimbal is a physical device or you can say a supporting device that allows you to rotate an object along a single axis. A  Gimbal with a common 3-axis allows a camera mounted on it. It is free or independent of the movement of the one holding the gimbal. Gimbal work with the help of 3 axes. There are only 3 axes in Gimbal which can be identified as pitch, yaw, and roll.

The first one that is the pitch axis can be identified as the up and down movement of a subject. Can see a good example of when to work with the tilt is when you are making a video and in this video, you are trying to capture objects falling down, or it may be the case of a subject coming down the stairs.

The second one is the yaw axis refers to left to right movement and can be used to capture objects moving horizontally.

And the final and last is the roll axis allows for capturing objects with unleveled angles.

These 3 axes of gimbals ensure that a camera’s motion is stabilized without taking care of the movement, which is why they are a good and best tool for videographers.

how gimbals work

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Types of Gimbal

Basically, there are two types of Gimbal:-

  • Two-axis gimbal
  • Three-axis gimbal

Screenshots of Gimbal



Do I need a Gimbal?

Now, a million-dollar of question: I would suggest you should you get a gimbal. If you are a  professional videographer and wanted to pursue a career in Film and Animation, who is serious about video quality? It will be a good move to add a gimbal to your kit of video making or filmmaking. Without this device, handheld video can be very hit-and-miss. You’ll be limited in the movements that you can make with your hands, and you have to settle for less interesting shots. There are more chances, you could also end up with bad footage. Gimbal works with a smartphone as well as Cameras.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gimbal?

In simple terms, you can say that a gimbal is Camera Stabilizer. With the help of this device, you can take tracking shots or run shots smoothly.


Thank you guys for your valuable time and support. In this article, we tried to explain to you how does a Gimbal work? What is a Camera Gimbal? I hope by reading the above article you could get all information related to how does a Gimbal Work? What is a Camera Gimbal?e. I think I have covered all the questions that have come to your mind. We have told you the complete information. We tried to convey all the information step by step. I hope you enjoyed our article.

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