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Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Quick, Tiny Web Apps with amazing Android incorporation. With Hermit Lite Apps Browser, you can supplant your huge local applications with Web-based Lite Apps. Peruse quicker, spare information, square advertisements, secure your protection, peruse in Night Mode, Reader View, and modify your Lite Apps with more than 20 unique settings for each Lite App! All in a 3 MB application.

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Peruse FASTER Spare DATA

Loner speeds up your perusing while additionally securing your protection. No Ads. Not even in the Free Version. Promotion Blocker: Makes all website pages lean, small, and wonderful once more. Popup Blocker: Prevents risky and beguiling destinations from opening new tabs or vibrating your telephone. JavaScript Blocker: makes most pages load quicker. Information Saver Mode: Speeds up perusing by diminishing picture size.


Security Focused: No promotions, no conduct following, no close-to-home data gathered. Phishing and Malware Protection: Hermit obstructs any endeavors to introduce local Android applications and incorporates Google’s, Malware Blocker.

Undercover Keyboard: Any site URLs you type will be checked private by your console, and not used to customize auto-fulfillment.


Scriptlets: Run your own custom expansion content! In-fabricated help for Google Translate, Lite Pages, QR Code, and numerous others.

Peruse App: Read Articles from any program/application utilizing Hermit’s article extraction innovation.

Night Mode: View any site in Night Mode with a dull foundation and light content.

Evaluated Reading Time: See how long an article will take to peruse, and hop to Reader View.

Multi Window: Use two Lite Apps immediately on Android Nougat or more.

Text Size: Increase/decline text size to improve neatness.

Turn around: Ever stalled out on the grounds that the back catch takes you to a similar page? Attempt Hermit’s Double Back element.

CUSTOMIZATION Hermit Lite Apps Browser

No other program lets you tweak the same number of settings as Hermit, and they’re spared exclusively for each Lite App.

Custom Icons: Pick any symbol for your Lite Apps, or make a custom monogram.

Shading Picker: Create your own topic.

Text Size: Change and spare settings exclusively for each site.

Work area Mode: Load work area locales rather than versatile destinations.

Frameless Mode and Full-Screen Mode: You’ll need to attempt these for yourself.

Direction: Choose whether you need a Lite App to consistently open Vertical or Horizontal.

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