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Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Lock Screen

Attract something or motion to open (Gesture Lock Screen), Open with motion, unique mark, or PIN. Include/change/erase motion. Imperceptible/strong/straightforward motion hues. Motion affectability, Single (one-touch drawing), and various motion strokes. Set letters, numbers, images, marks, and anything as the signal secret key. Motion Lock Screen is a novel mark lock screen.

Gesture Lock Screen Highlights

Interloper Selfie

Snaps a photograph of an interloper who entered wrong signals, PINs, or fingerprints. Send gatecrasher caution and photograph to your email address. Show gatecrasher warning on open. Show the date and time on interloper photographs. Custom gatecrasher wrong endeavors. View/open/change gatecrasher selfie envelope. Motion Lock Screen is an interloper selfie-ready lock screen.

Unique mark

Unique mark open is just accessible on Android gadgets running Marshmallow or higher with a finger impression sensor. Output unique finger impression to open. Sweep a unique mark to change motion or PIN. Output unique mark to kill storage. Stowaway/Invisible unique mark symbol. Motion Lock Screen is a safe unique mark lock screen.


Notices on the lock screen are accessible for Android 4.3 and are more up-to-date. Show new messages, missed calls, music player, alerts and more notices on the lock screen. Shroud touchy notice content. Single/twofold tap warning to attract motion to open and view subtleties. Swipe to evacuate notice. Custom warning foundation and content shading. Change the warning’s size and position. Signal Lock Screen is a profoundly adaptable warning lock screen.

Gesture Lock Download

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