GB Instagram New Version v3.80 Download for Android (FREE)


I hope that you have listened to GB WhatsApp in your friend circle. But did you listen ever to GB Instagram? I think some people know about this because it is so popular. If not then today I will talk about GB Instagram. I will talk about how to GB Instagram New Version 3.80 Download. The new version of GB Instagram 2021 APK. Like GB WhatsApp, GB Instagram also has some special features. That is a great point of view to download more and more GB Instagram pro-apk download 2021. 

GB Instagram New Version 3.80 Download

There is more and more option to download GB Instagram. But we will provide you with to latest and best version of GB Instagram. Real Instagram you can download from the google play store but for GB Instagram you have to click on the below download button to get GB Instagram new version 3.80 Download. It is too easy to download and install on your android mobile device.

Download New GB Instagram v3.80

Why People Choose GB Instagram

In my view, people are getting lazy. So they don’t want to know tips and tricks or terms & conditions. in the original Instagram, you don’t have any extra features. So people come on the GB Instagram for some advanced features. Which are available on Gb Instagram. It provides you with some special access with extra features. You don’t need to go to any website or download a third-party application to download any photo or video on it.

GB Instagram features 

Here you will see more features on this. Its main is to provide essential features as users want whenever, wherever, and whatever they want. Customizations are more to use friendly and download media. Some important and special features are below-

Download GB Whatsapp Latest Version

1. Reply Automatically

You can reply automatically by setting. You have to set what should rely on what. We can say that It is an if-else condition that works in the background.

2. More Options

Here you will get more options at every click. Whenever you will click on anything you will get more options than real Instagram. If you are using this you will see all its features of it.


3. Hide Last Seen

In this GB Instagram apk download the latest version, and you will get the extra feature as last seen. By this, you can manage your last seen from friends, colleagues, and followers.

4. Hide Delivered Message

When you are chatting with someone and you have sent your message. It is fully delivered to that person then you want to hide that. You can do this with the help of GB Instagram.

5. Direct Download Option

In the original Instagram, you will not see any download or a view option but in the GB Instagram, you will see image/ video download features directly in the GB option. You can also preview that, share the image/ video URL, copy the image/video URL, and copy the link from there.


6. Broadcast Message

As in WhatsApp, you can send a message individually to anyone broadcasting, you can also send an individual message in GB Instagram at a time 600 people. Broadcasting is a good feature in messaging apps because it helps sometimes more.

7. More Privacy 

In this GB Instagram, you will get more privacy and security rather than the original Instagram. You can manage your privacy settings by going to the setting option. 



What Does Mean GB Instagram?

We can say that it is a modded version of real Instagram which provides you with some special tools and features. We can use them as quickly directly. There is no need extra website or app to download pictures or videos.

Is GB Instagram Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use GB Instagram as a cracked apk. But it takes more permissions rather than the original Instagram. I used it. I didn’t get any insecurity or threats.

What Is The Latest GB Instagram?

The latest version of GB Instagram is v8.40 and the size of this application is 51 MB. The last update comes on June 22, 2021. The latest version has more options, optimized, and all other features.  

How To Get 1000 Followers On Instagram?

I have already written a post on this topic. You can go through the given below link. Where you will see two ideas on how to get 1000 followers on Instagram. 

Get More Followers On Instagram 


Here we saw, GB Instagram new version 3.80 Download. We know all the special features of GB Instagram. Here we discussed frequently asked questions and versions of GB Instagram. Why do people choose GB Instagram? If you like this article then follow us on social media and you will get the latest news.


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