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Free Fire Booyah

Free fire booyah app is a live streaming app for gaming. Where we can upload some short gaming videos for the viewers. so they can enjoy this. And also you can share this in your friend circle, colleagues, and channel. It is the most amazing platform to go live with play games. Here so many people come to watch live streaming and for live streaming for games. There are many users who come to live to stream. Gaming is the best passion in the world for youth. from this many people earn much more money. Because most people love gaming. You can also stream games on it. We can enjoy this application. It is an enjoyable opportunity for all gamers.

In another word, we can say that it is a world-level gaming live streaming platform. Here are many more tournaments held from time to time. This thing boosts the gamer’s mind to play hard. Everybody can participate in this. It is mainly the type of competition. As many people clear the competition by their learning. Whenever we listen to gaming then our minds are full of enjoyment playing. It gives us a chance to win. Everyone wants to win every time in his life.

Download Free Fire Booyah App For Your Android Device

If you want to download the booyah app free fire download button is given below. It is a secure app because it is also available on the Play Store. That means google play store only has a secure application on its platform. You can also download Garena Free fire booyah from the google play store. When you will search on the google play store you only need for word “Booyah”. That will show you only the booyah application on the first number.

Download Booyah!

Garena Free fire booyah app has only 16 MB in size. That is too short for download. The perfect app for live streaming for gaming. Almost 1.5 million people rate it. That is a big number as a rating. It downloads more than 50 million over the world. It provides value for the creator and gamers. Who is interested in gaming? The main thing is that it is developed by Garena International I Private Limited. This company also developed a free fire game. Which is the most popular game in all the world. 

How To Get Diamonds In Booyah App

Here we will know about how to get diamonds in the booyah app. If you want to take the diamond from the booyah app. Then you have to complete some tasks in time as they are given. This is an important thing in this application. Because time is important to complete tasks as they want in their task. There are some important ideas to get diamonds in the free-fire booyah app. Which is given below—

By Watch Gaming Videos

You can also get some diamonds via watching videos and live streaming. It is an easy idea to find the diamond in the Garena free-fire booyah. It is compulsory to watch the live streaming from this Apk. We have to watch videos for some hours. For watching the videos and live streaming on this app we have to go on the Clip tab. It looks like some short video player For example MX taka-tak, Tik-Tok, or Youtube Shorts. There are some videos for play and next to play.

By Completing Some Task 

Here we can also get some diamonds by completing some tasks. There are some steps that are following-

Step 1- Firstly we have to download the application and install it. 

Download Booyah!

Step 2- Create an account on Free fire booyah. Here we get some reward. When we create an account on Free fire booyah then it gives us a reward. 


Step 3- Click on the main menu. Then some features will come on the screen. 

Step 4- Tap on the Task Center. Here we will get some tasks on the screen. 

Step 5- Complete all the tasks in time to get the reward. We have to complete the tasks before time or in time.

Step 6- Click on the clip to watch events and you will earn much more rewards.



Here always some events are held. Different types of events are available. Here can be a category of this you can see below one by one-

  • Outlive The Factory
  • Prankster Trickster
  • FF Lol Moments
  • Sniper God 2.0
  • Creative Crafters
  • FFWS Party Begins
  • Clash Squad Heroes
  • Booyah! open: Clutch Master 
  • Blue Zone Champion
  • Mission Passed/Failed 
  • K.O. Dancing Challenge
  • Perfect Teamwork
  • Chrono Surprise
  • Merry Christmas
  • Bermuda Discovery
  • Show Me Your Emote
  • Ultimate Gaming Master


Creator Center

In the creator center, you can make your own channel on it. Then All the content results will be shown here. Whatever you upload here you will see all the detail about it. 

Channel Stats

  1. Minute Streamed
  2. Minute Watched
  3. Total Viewers
  4. New Followers
  5. Peak Concurrent Viewers
  6. Peak Viewers Date
  7. Average CCU
  8. Average Login CCU
  9. Coins Received
  10. Ticket Received
  11. Clips Total likes 
  12. Unique Days

You can also manage by its custom range. This means how you want to see the data automatically and by day. also managed weakly, monthly, and yearly like this.

My Moderators

It means that one will be the moderator for you. For the promote something. To do this you have to make someone moderator and select their name in the chat section.

Banned User

There will be all those users who have been banned from your side for inappropriate reasons. They will never be allowed for this.

Blocked Phrases

It simply blocks some phrases for any reason. You can also unblock that after some time as you want. These are the word that may be bulger for you and you do not want to listen. 



In this article, we have seen many more things about Booyah! application. That’s an important thing. Do we know how to get diamonds in the booyah app? What is the booyah app? What is the Free fire booyah app? How to download and install Garena Free fire booyah? We have already provided you a download button from which you can download the booyah app for free fire live streaming games. If you like our content then you can follow us on different social media sites and get the latest updates from there.

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