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Hello Guys, Welcome back to another article on our website. Hope you are safe and doing well at your home. You guys are awesome because you are supporting me continuously. So we are back with another interesting topic on Android applications.  In today’s article, we will discuss a vital problem that many people are facing right now on their smartphones which is FM WhatsApp Not Installing. Don’t worry we are here to help you in this crucial situation. We will tell you how you can download and install FM WhatsApp on your smartphone within no time. So without wasting time let’s go deep into this post. At the last of this post, you will get all your queries to be solved.

What is FM WhatsApp?

In the present time, our life revolves around social media applications. I think everyone on this planet uses social media applications. Some popular applications are Facebook, What’s App, Twitter, and Instagram. Now when it comes to WhatsApp. This application alone has 2 Billion users. You can imagine how much popular is this application.

We are talking about FM Whatsapp. This application is a modified and enhanced version of the original Whatsapp. It is clear that the original WhatsApp has no bugs. But this application lacks some of the features like night mode and so on.  Sometimes this application becomes irritating to use. This problem can be overcome with FM Whatsapp. It is a version that offers useful features which are not present in the original whats app. It doesn’t even matter whether you are using an original app or a modified version of WhatsApp. Everyone always looks for the best app which provides us with interesting and good features.

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Download FM WhatsApp

There are tons of FM WhatsApp Applications are available on the internet. Some of them are making you fool by offering you simply a copy of the original app. Which doesn’t even have any new features FM WhatsApp. So, we decided to help you download the correct application without wasting any time on the internet searching right FM WhatsApp. We have searched a lot of websites and collected some information for you on how you can download it from trusted websites. So we make them easily available for you. We have provided its direct download link. You can download the FMWhatsapp application’s latest version and you can enjoy all those awesome and interesting features right away.

Download Here: FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is not Installing

Now, it’s time to tell you the trick of how you can install FM WhatsApp on your smartphone without facing the error that FM WhatsApp is not installing. Some of you guys might have faced the problem FM WhatsApp is not installed.

To overcome this problem you have to do the following setting on your Android Phone. So that you can install this application without any errors. There are two settings that you have to do. These are the following.

First Method

  1. Go to Play Store.
  2. Click on the menu button or if you have updated your Play Store Version then you have to click on the Account Photo icon.
  3. Then you have to click on Play Protect.
  4. Now click on the setting icon.
  5. Turn off both settings on your smartphone.

fm-whatsapp-not-receiving-messages  fm-whatsapp-app-not-installed  why-is-my-whatsapp-not-receiving-messages  fm-whatsapp-installing-problem

Second Method

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now you have to go to Security.
  3. Turn ON the feature that Unknown Source.

how to install fm whatsapp

FM WhatsApp Screenshots

fm whatsapp installing problem

FM WhatsApp Features

  • You always worry about your last on WhatsApp and you don’t want to let other people see your last seen. Actually, this feature original WhatsApp provides but the problem is if you hide your last seen. Then you wouldn’t be able to see others last seen. In FM WhatsApp not only you can hide your last seen but also you can see others last seen as well.
  • Another interesting feature is people often post stories on their status. You can see others’ WhatsApp statuses without letting them know.
  • FM WhatsApp provides the feature of night mode. You can enable this feature from the top display of this application.
  • When one user sends a message to another user, he/she is able to whether a message is delivered or not with the help of a blue tick.  In FM WhatsApp when you receive any message, the sender won’t be able to know whether the message has been delivered to you or not.
  • In FM WhatsApp you can send messages to another WhatsApp user without saving the mobile.
  • you can hide your typing and voice recording action. Others will not able to know whether you are typing or not on your application.
  • This application comes with anti delete feature. If one of your friends deletes the message after sending it to you. You can see deleted messages. This feature is also applicable to status as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install this on my Android Phone?

In the above article, we have told you some simple and easy steps to install this application on your Android Phone.

Is this application safe or not?

Well, yes this application is safe. But you have to install it’s your own risk.


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