Floating Apps Free Multi-tasking, Run many apps at the same time

Floating Apps Free

Floating Apps Free

Open more applications simultaneously in drifting windows and appreciate genuine performing multiple tasks. Try not to leave the current application for a little assignment. Floating Apps Free is the biggest and the most developed assortment of drifting small applications accessible on Google Play.

– take notes or use adding machine anyplace and whenever.
– View email connections without leaving the email application.
– view different PDF documents simultaneously.
– open connections in the drifting program and view them later.
– decipher vocabulary without leaving the current application.

Our Commitment

Drifting Apps is awesome of its sort in light of our responsibility and ceaseless work. We love to do it for you.

  • We’re continually putting forth a valiant effort to help our clients, so you’re not left alone.
  • We’re creating Floating Apps for over 5 years and it continues to improve and better.
  • We’re paying attention to your solicitations and planning applications and elements for you.

Advanced Features

  • Prevent changing starting with one application and then onto the next and experience genuine performing multiple tasks with drifting smaller than usual applications that make your life simpler!
  • Try not to find the right drifting application for you. Transform Homescreen gadgets and URLs into your own special drifting applications.
  • Access drifting applications anyplace and whenever without leaving how you are simply doing Floating Menu and Quick Launch.
  • Very amazing drifting menu permits you to get to drifting applications, yet additionally ordinary and ongoing applications and easy routes!
  • Access drifting applications with one tap through a portable and resizable fast dispatch symbol that stays consistently on top of other applications.
  • Move windows by essentially hauling their title, and resize them by hauling their base bar. Orchestrate windows your way!
  • Boost the drifting application to use the entire screen. Limit it assuming you needn’t bother with it now and reestablish it later.
  • Effectively access progressed highlights and capacities, control the window, its boundaries, and straightforwardness with the setting menu!
  • Open connections, recordings, or pictures utilizing drifting applications the same way as you do with typical applications. Use alternate routes, and notice that the sky is the limit from there.
  • It’s very much like multiviews/multi windows on Samsung or split-screen mode yet for all Androids.

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