What are the Examples of Operating System? Operating System

Examples of Operating System

Hello, What’s up, guys? How are you? hope you all are happy and good at this time. Now we are coming up with another article named – Examples of Operating Systems. In this article, we will tell you about operating systems and their type and much more new interesting things. The operating system is one of the basic needs to run any software or application on a computer or smartphone respectively. So read our full article from start to end. Now let’s start our today article.

What is an Operating System

As we told you above an operating system is a basic need of any computer or smartphone. An operating system is a powerful item for any computer or phone. It can control your software as well as hardware. Yes of course! it can control the system. It works as interconnecting between hardware and the user as well. And the more interesting fact is that no computer or smartphone will work without any operating system.

Features of an operating System

There are many features of an operating system, some of which we are defining. So keep reading this article continue and enjoy our blog. After understanding the features of OS you can also understand the Examples of Operating systems.

  • Multitasking And memory management
  • Handling software as well as hardware
  • Can detect errors and readjust
  • Manipulate given data or files
  • Execute you program
  • Process management
  • Device management
  • Job Accounting
  • Networking
  • Security

Examples of Operating System

Here we will tell you about Examples of Operating systems. So you can easily know what are the Examples of the operating systems.
– Microsoft Windows as of version: Windows 11, 10,  8, 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP also.)
– Operating system of Apple mac (formerly OS X), Operating system Chrome OS, Tablet Blackberry (OS), and  Operating system of Linux(Linux is an open-source operating system).
– Our phones are also running on an operating system ie. Google Android OS.
– Some phones are also using the Windows Operating system.
Now I think you should clearly know about the Examples of Operating systems.

Types of  an Operating System

There is plenty of types of operating system defined in the market, but we will describe here only authentic operating system types. So let’s start now-

Batch Operating System – Is is the first type of operating system. It is used to fast up computer program speed. The user or commander of this operating system does not need to connect with the computer or system directly. They need to do work on offline devices and after it will be submitted. I hope you are enjoying our article Examples of Operating Systems.

Multi-tasking Operating System – When many people require to work on the same computer from a different location or area, then this operating system will use. It is also called Time Sharing Operating Systems.

Single user Operating System – This operating system work for only one user at the same time. These operating systems are developed for a single purpose performed by a user.

Distributed Operating System – Distributed operating systems can carry or use more than one processor located in different devices to supply very fast calculations and results to its user or commander.

Real-time Operating System – Is is based on a very small area of work. This is very effective to use when time intervals and user input are very small. So it is called the real-time operating system.

Mobile Operating System – I think this is mostly known by all users of smartphones. This mobile operating system runs on a smartphone or tablet. IOS, smartwatches, and many other devices.

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Some most popular Operating Systems

The most usable there is five types of the operating system that is running on your system or smartphones. We will describe one by one these Examples of Operating systems.

  • Microsoft Windows Operating system – Microsoft windows are one of the oldest operating systems. It was launched in the 80s of the last century. Being very old, it is very famous also. Mostly newly manufactured systems and Pcs are default set to this window operating system. This operating system has now a number of updates from the date of launching. It has Windows XP, Windows 7, window vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, and much more. This operating system has very good functions and is very user-friendly.

examples of real time operating system,

  • Google’s Android OS – It is the most famous operating system for smartphones and tablets becoz nearly all android smartphone needs this operating system to work. Google is managing this operating system. Android is also so popular operating system if we compare it with Apple’s IOs.


  • Apple Ios – This operating system is specially designed for Apple’s products. We can say that this can work only on I-phones. This operating system won’t work on android devices. This operating system also has many good features like android.
  • Linux – This is another good operating system. Linus is also an example of an open-source operating system. this operating system is different from android and apple or Windows. Linux is also not so difficult bcoz it is very user-friendly as android, windows, or Apple. This operating system allows customizing the system in its own ways.
  • Apple Mac Operating system – After apple’s I phone IOs, it is another operating system for Apple’s PCs. This was launched around 18-20 years ago. This operating system has a very number of versions and updates. in example as Kodiak (OS X 10 Beta),Lion (OS X 10.7),Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8),Mavericks (OS X 10.9),Yosemite (OS X 10.10),El Capitan (OS X 10.11) and much more.


What are the 5 examples of operating systems?
These are some examples of operating systems: Apple Mac operating system, Google’s Android OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux Operating System, & Apple iOs.

What are the 4 types of operating systems?
Batch operating system, multitasking, single-user, Real-time operating system.

Is Windows 10 an operating system?
Yes, of Of course Windows 10 is an operating system. This is a recent version of windows.

Final Words

We have read many things about Examples of Operating systems. we provide you with very authentic information about what is an operating system, the features of an operating system, and Examples of Operating systems, and now I think that you have gained very valuable knowledge from our blog. Actually operating is work as a sprint of any Computer or android or any type devices. If you like our article and enjoyed it very well this So plz make a good comment below for motivating us to write more interesting information for you.
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