Dial Lock – Call Locker APK for Android Download (2.9MB)


Dial Lock

Dial lock is an exceptional application, the main application in the market which forestalls dialing while at the same time utilizing your telephone. Dial Lock locks dialing while at the same time keeping every single other capacity running, client can mess around, talk, VOIP, ext, but, can’t deal. No more children calling pockets or arbitrary dials. With “Dial Lock” you can leave your telephone safely with your children( or any other person).

Dial Locker or Call Locker sets aside your cash, and forestalls humiliating circumstances. Nobody will have the option to make calls from your telephone without your authorization. You can utilize it to abstain from dialing while at the same time messing around, talking, and utilizing Viber, and Skype.

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Click here to Download the Dial Lock or Call Locker App

Download APK ( 2.9MB )

Dial Lock or Call Locker Features

1. Very easy-to-use application bolts and opens your telephone dialing.

2. Basically and effectively bolts dialing to forestall any outlandish calls.

3. You can bolt or open your dialing toss the application itself, a gadget, or basically dial the fats code.

4. All application highlights can be secret word secured.

5. Exceptionally adaptable application, you can alter nearly everything.

6. Dial Locker is the most ideal approach to let your children, companions, associates, or any other individual use your telephone with no danger of unpermitted calls or additional charges.

7. Application contains full clarification on how to utilize, and have a pleasant encounter.

8. Completely free application.

Additionally, you can buy Proform for :

1-No Ads

2-Less work area space

3-Less preparing

4-Lower battery utilization

5-Very low web utilization (simply sending investigations for proceeded with improvement).

all the abovementioned and more with a genuine low cost, Less than 1 wrong dialed call cost. What to sit tight for, introduce “Dial Lock“, set aside cash, and humiliation, and oversee your portable. Quit battling with your children, quit saying ‘sorry’ for wrong calls, and quit paying for calls you hadn’t made. Much obliged to you for utilizing our applications and holding up your remarks to assist us with improving them.

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