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Desert Skies APK

Desert Skies APK

The game will take you to the far-off 1890s of youthful America. During the time of the Wild West, a calamity occurred – horrendous sand box beasts started to assault the towns and crush everything that they experienced in their manner – individuals, creatures .. Talk has it that they were discharged during unearthings at the mines, none of the laborers made due at that point.

Individuals sparing their lives fled, removing just the necessities, tossing every one of their effects, and furthermore concealing resources and gold secluded from everything places. Numerous western states are unfilled. A previous criminal named David Green had no place to run, he had nobody left. All his friends and family passed on from the teeth of horrible beasts.

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The youngster chose to give penance for the transgressions of the past – he expects to spare mankind from calamity, to get and devastate beasts that keep a large portion of the planet in dread. Become a beast tracker.

You need to help him with this troublesome errand. You should ace the aptitude of making objects from ad-libbed materials, study guides, and territory, search for concealed fortunes, ward off horrible foes, and find new fascinating spots and settlements.

Desert Skies APK Highlights

Irregular CRAFT

  • For development, make and utilize an enormous air pontoon (aircraft pontoon endurance games).
  • Craft an assortment of things and weapons to get by in a ruthless fatal vacant.
  • Remember – your boat is your stronghold, improve and reinforce it. Pontoon Survival test system. Free the Wild West from the scourge of searchers in the expanse of sand..


  • Fly and search out fortune and risks.
  • In surrendered towns, individuals left many concealing spots with fortunes and weapons.


  • As soon as you drop to earth, horrible beasts will feel you and surge directly toward you, don’t stop for a second!
  • Do everything rapidly except unobtrusively. They all vibe and are searching for you. Fly quicker and fly to somewhere else of desert sands!


Remember, the desert send isn’t just destructive risk, yet is a lot more assets for endurance experience games. Gather them to endure and win. There are component games.

You will locate a fabulous fight in an enormous, excellent open world, you need to battle for endurance free, to spare towns and individuals from mortal risk in 3D sandbox games. You are the main survivor test system, it relies upon you whether mankind will endure.

Desert Skies – Survival on Raft is a totally new pontoon game – the all-new frightening single-player story in the well-known flying games RPG class. Playing pontoon endurance base structure games has gotten substantially more fascinating.

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