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caller name

Caller Name

Caller Name – Voice notice does essentially what the application name says it does (Caller Name Reader). It peruses out your warnings for you so you don’t need to peruse them yourself and it accompanies some more highlights like guest name declaration, message perusing battery state declaration, and area nearness declaration. It accompanies a parcel of customization alternatives.

The following configuration option is available (Caller Name Reader: Shouter):-

  • Select apps for which you wish to read notifications.
  • Only the device name (notification sending app) may be shouted for each app.
  • Tailor prefixes.
  • Disable the Message Reading option for unknown numbers.
  • Ability to read the content of a post.
  • Option to enable announcement only when connected to the headphone.
  • Allow the announcement option only when the screen is off.
  • Repeat the note selection.
  • Master control of every yell. (WIDGET support) 10) Quiet hours-hours not announcing shouter.
  • Read Unknown Call and Response Announcement numbers.
  • Shake to silence.
  • Screen to mute on / off.
  • The context of the Announcement.

caller name

Use of Caller Name Speaker:

  • While riding or mountain biking.
  • For lorry drivers and long-distance drivers.
  • Read updates of the game over.
  • The caller’s name and message announcement will let you know if the call or message is important even if you don’t have the device in hand.
  • The battery level announcement will let you know when to pick up your phone while charging it.

What the App Caller Name will do:-

  • Reading the Notification.
  • Notification of battery level when charging.
  • Location proximity notifier 4) notification of the battery and charging location.
  • Announcement of a caller’s name while the phone rings.
  • Notification of missed calls if you get a missed call.
  • Processing Text Messages.
  • User-defined time announcement intervals.

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