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airtel free data

Airtel Free Data

Airtel Free Data – Friends, Are you an “Airtel” user, I have good news for Airtel users. You can get 10GB of Airtel Free Data. You just have to follow some simple steps and you will get 10GB of internet absolutely free within 5 minutes.

How to Get Airtel Free Data:- 

◆ To get 10GB of free internet, first of all, you have to ‘Airtel’ SIM.

◆ Follow these steps only if you have Airtel SIM.

◆ First you have to go to your Dialpad or Keypad.

◆ After that you have to dial the number (5999555) and call from Airtel’s SIM.

◆ After dialing the number, the call will be disconnected automatically.

◆ Now a message (SMS) will come to your Airtel number which will tell you about your number is valid for this offer or not.

◆ If your number is valid, then within 5 minutes you will get 10GB of internet absolutely free.

And you can enjoy it absolutely free, once you get internet, you can do it again and again.


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airtel free data

You can also read this article in Hindi:-

Hello, friends welcome once again to Mr Techer blog. Friends, today we will tell you in this post how you can activate 10 Jab data in your mobile for free.  Activate absolutely free 10 when data and enjoy for free. Run WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tick, and everything on your mobile from free net absolutely free So friends do not delay, read this post completely quickly. Friends, let’s start.

How to Activate 10GB Airtel Free Data in Hindi:-

◆ First of all friends, let me tell you that it is very important for you to have an airtel sim. If you have Airtel SIM then only you can take advantage of this 10 Jab Free Internet for free. If you do not have Airtel SIM then this offer is not for you.

◆ So friends, if you do not have an airtel sim, then quickly take any one airtel sim and activate this free 10 when data in your mobile. Through this post of ours, we have told you how you can activate free internet when 10 on your airtel number.

◆ Now you have to insert Airtel SIM in the first slot of your mobile and put it in the first slot.

◆ Even if you will insert Airtel SIM in the second slot and also put it in the second slot, even then 10 when you will get the data.

◆ You have to go to the dial pad or keypad of your mobile and you have to dial this number (5999555) there.

◆ After that you have to call this number from your airtel number.

◆ As soon as you call this number from Airtel’s number, your call will start running and after 4 to 5 seconds it will automatically disconnect.

◆ As soon as the call is disconnected, you will understand the check on your airtel number, if you get 10 free data then your number will be valid for it. This will be valid for this offer then you will understand that you have got 10GB of data free Which will be activated on your airtel number after 30 minutes.

◆ After 30 minutes you download the application named My Airtel from the play store After that you log in to that application, and after that, your 10GB data will be shown there you can see Whether you have got 10GB of data or not.

◆ Now you can make good use of your 10Gb data. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Tac, and YouTube, you can do it wherever you want. Activate this plan on your friends’ airtel number with your 10GB free data plan. Due to this your friends will also be happy and will become your friends.

◆ Once this 10GB data is activated in your mobile. After that, after the 10Gb data is over, you can activate this net again. After doing the same process that I told you earlier, you have to activate this plan again by calling the number 5999555.

airtel free data

◆ In this way, you can activate 10Gb data on any number of Airtel for free. Just you have to dial a small number, no matter who it is, you can activate 10GB of data on his number for free.

◆ Friends, if 10 days data is activated on your mobile So share this post with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube everywhere. And tell them how to activate 10Gb data on an airtel number for free, Or you can activate 10Gb data on their airtel number and give Then your friends will be very happy with you and will start considering you as a hero.

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