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2ndLine – Second Phone Number is an unfastened conversation cellular software that permits you to create a 2nd mobile number for fake WhatsApp. Developed via way of means of TextNow, inc., this hand mobile application provides a 2nd mobile number line for Fake WhatsApp, so that you can separate your commercial enterprise existence from your non-public existence. All calls and texts are unfastened withinside the United States and Canada, even as global calls are of low cost.

What is 2ndLine WhatsApp?

A 2ndLine WhatsApp is an application that helps you to have a 2nd phone number (from the united states or Canada) for your fake WhatsApp. This way, you could ship textual content messages and make mobile calls from a distinct fake WhatsApp, all from an unmarried device. When you join up for a second-line phone number service on your WhatsApp, you could make as many free calls as you need inside the US and Canada. However, to make global calls, you will upload cash to your digital account. The excellent information is that the costs of the global calls are reasonable.


2ndLine WhatsApp application is the sort of app that offers some of the functions that you could anticipate from a phone application. For one, you could ship emojis, stickers, and GIFs on your textual content messages. You can do the identical with images, as well. If you’d want to ship a message to multiple people, you could effortlessly achieve this via way of means of organizational messaging. You may even position signatures on your texts.

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Is 2ndLine WhatsApp APK Free?

2ndLine WhatsApp APK is an app that makes use of your cellular records or Wi-Fi connection to offer your smartphone an extra line. Thus, as a substitute for having billed on your smartphone plan, you as a substitute surely should pay on your net connection – quite tins making this application freed from rate if you’re contacting human beings in America and Canada. They shouldn’t even be a 2ndLine person with the intention to get hold of your texts and calls or ship you textual content or call.

However, the 2ndLine app is the handiest to be had in this region, and all of us outdoor of America or Canada can’t join up for a 2ndLine number on your fake WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the app is pretty handy because it permits you to make reasonably-priced global calls, get hold of voicemails – or even their transcripts, and ahead calls to others. You can set caller IDs, passcodes, and a Google SmartLock account, as well. Ringtones and background snapshots are fairly customizable too.

You can assign man or woman contacts their ringtone and background to customize every interaction. If you are often to your phone number and use different apps, there is a quick reply function. It shall be a pop-up notification coming up with the choice to ship a response to a message thru it quickly. Your inbox for each mobile number can be unified so that you don’t should kind thru exclusive locations.

Key Features of 2ndLine WhatsApp

The 2ndLine WhatsApp application has many functions except resonantly-priced mobile calls and messages. It lets in for voicemails and transcripts, forwarding calls, putting caller IDs, passcodes, and a GoogleSmartLock account. You can set backgrounds and ringtones and create companies to get hold of photos and text together along with your signatures. There is a short response functionality, and all messages can be be had for your preferred mailbox.

Free Second USA and Canadian Phone Number For Fake WhatsApp

2ndLine WhatsApp application for android offers you a 2nd mobile number and lets in totally free calls and messaging in the USA and Canada, and low-fee global calls. You may have a 2ndLine for enterprise or amusement without a 2nd sim card or any contacts.

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Text Messages and Phone Calls

2ndLine WhatsApp offers you a 2nd neighborhood mobile number to apply for limitless free calls to any USA or Canadian mobile number. So, You could make reasonably-priced global calls and ship limitless free textual content and photograph messages. There are gives despatched for your account which you entire to earn free cash or upload cash yourself to make low-fee global calls.

How to download 2ndLine App’s latest version?

App Name                                                     2ndLine WhatsApp                                  

Requirements                                               Android 4.1 or Up

License                                                           Free

File Size                                                         207MB 

Operating System                                        Android

To download the 2ndLine WhatsApp application, then click on the download button.

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In today’s article, we have told you about 2ndLine WhatsApp. So, we have told you complete information about 2ndLine WhatsApp for fake WhatsApp. So if you liked this article, then let us know. If you are trying to download fake WhatsApp from sites, then you are in the right place. Download 2ndLine APK from our website and use it. 2ndLine WhatsApp is secure and free for everyone. 

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